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Lawn Repair

I'd like to talk about plugging as an effective way to build a new lawn or repair existing lawns. Building a beautiful lawn can be very rewarding but it can also be a frustrating exercise. The costs involved with sodding can put it beyond the reach of the average homeowner while seeding from scratch, well that's tricky to say the least... from meticulously preparing the seed-bed to nurturing the seeds along through to germination, while fighting off what mother nature can throw as well as weeds can make it a real challenge!

Plugging is a great alternative but until recently, it has taken so much time & labor it can make it all but impossible for anything other than small repairs areas or small lawns.

That's really where the new ProPlugger come in. It's designed to take a lot of the work and time out of plugging. Here's how it works...

Step down on the foot-pegs until they bottom out against the ground a slight twist of the handle-bars pull straight up and you've pulled your plug! I'm pulling plugs here that I'll be transplanting from this stand of Zoysia to an area that needs some help but the concept is exactly the same for cutting plugs from sod that you buy from a sod farm.

As you pull the plugs, they get "stacked" or stored up inside the shaft and when you ready to empty, simply turn the ProPlugger upside-down and plugs slide right out! At the pace I'm working at now the ProPlugger can pull from 700-1,000 plugs an hour! As you can see, this is a fairly reasonable pace, there's no bending over or straining... I'm not breaking much of a sweat.

Okay, we're almost ready to create some holes into which we'll plant these plugs but before we do we need to finish up with these holes that we've just created. We want to always take the opportunity to add organic material to our top soil and we're doing that here by adding Coco-peat disks, which are made from the husks of coconuts. They actually hold 8 times their weight in water which helps the lawn make it through those hot and dry spells in better shape. They also provide rich organic material to help a aerate the soil and the roots which will also stimulate root growth.

All you do is drop them in the holes and water the area well..They'll rehydrate to fill the hole I'll sprinkle the area so that you can see how they work...

Okay were ready to go plug some more holes. Working at that 700-1,000 plugs per hour pace it doesn't take long to make the needed holes for planting our new plugs I like to space my holes out about 6 to 7 inches apart by using the foot-pegs as a guide.

Press in the new plugs and don't forget to water them well... as you can see from this project, the ProPlugger has taken about 90% of the work and effort out of transplanting grass.