Product Reviews by Customers

I love it. Now all the ladies in the family have one!, 28-Apr-2016

The ProPlugger works so well. Its design is perfect for a multitude of uses and I love that it has the measurement rings. It really saves time, you can put about 80 bulbs in the ground in one hour. It works so well that I also purchased one for my mother and the another for my sister.

great product, 28-Apr-2016

gets the job done

Great tool!, 25-Apr-2016

Works great! I did learn that if you're using sod the best option is to take a plug from 2 pieces at a time.

Best gardening tool I have ever bought, 24-Apr-2016

I am an amateur gardener. This tool is hands down the best thing I have ever used. I was skeptical and it is not cheap - but as soon as I used it I realized I can't do without it. I use it mostly for planting purpose. It not only works with bulbs - its size is perfect for all the plants I started in the little seed starter pods. I am not very strong so this tool really allowed me to effortlessly place precise perfect holes at the right depth for my plantings. Also it saves me from having to get down, bend my back and get up. Even if it breaks down the road, I will be replacing it bc it is just worth every penny. I don't think I can use this to weed though bc the hole it creates is huge.

Well worth the price, 24-Apr-2016

My hubby and I have a lot of landscaping that we need to get done. He asked for a bulb planter and after some research I decided he'd much prefer one he could stand up with so he wouldn't put too much pressure on his back.
Family scolded us for spending so much money on one but hubby said it was AWESOME to use and well worth it and very well made. Annuals aren't a problem when it's fast to plant. We'll be using this for years to come.

Five Stars, 21-Apr-2016

Great product, it works better if the ground is wet.

Miracle Tool - I never knew something like this even existed!, 20-Apr-2016

A Miracle Tool! Where has this been?! This plugger allowed me to plant my annual beds faster, more equally spaced, at the right depth, with so little effort! Who ever developed this is a genius! This truly is a find! Buying it as gifts now! This is just the greatest gardening tool - and I never knew these even existed! Try it once and you will be sold!

Works As Shown on the Demo Video that I Watched, 20-Apr-2016

I watched a demo video of the ProPlugger. It works as promised. I was especially happy with how it worked transplanting a grass plug to a bare spot on my lawn. I've got 100 Vinca seedlings to put in, and I know it will work great.

Buy this... Now!, 19-Apr-2016

Wow! I'm just wondering why I didn't get this sooner. I used it for Zoysia plugs and it made planting them a total breeze. Well constructed, easy to use and no blisters after several hours of use. Highly recommend!

Fantastic, 18-Apr-2016

I ordered this a while back and finally got to planting this past weekend. I planted 185 bulbs in no time. No struggling, no sweating, no bad words! I made the holes, put the bulbs in, added some fertilizer and then crumbled the plug back into the hole. My "pogo stick", as I call it, is my new best inadimate friend. We are going to be spending weekends together for years to come.

Would definitely buy again!, 16-Apr-2016

This tool has made planting bulbed plants ridiculously easy and fast. I absolutely love this and have recommended it to several friends. It is well worth the money, especially if you have a lot of bulbs to plant!

Plugger, 13-Apr-2016

Helps with ridding the yard of wild onions, Much easier than trying to pull them up. Buy peat pots to fill the hole the plugger leaves.

5 out of 5 stars Love it!, 12-Apr-2016

Love it! So much easier to plant my flower bulbs and I use it to make holes to plant flowers too

It works!, 09-Apr-2016

I've used it several times and find it to work Ok. Soft ground is important, as it will not penetrate hard clay soil.

If you plant bulbs, annuals, or pull weeds, this is the tool to have., 27-Mar-2016

This thing is awesome!!!!! I found an ad for this item on the web and began to do a little research into them and decided to purchase one of them. Within 45 minutes or the package arriving at the house it was unpacked, and I had punched 38 holes in the earth to plant my bulbs for the season. The tool comes with foam handles that make gripping it easy and two (2) depth rings. One of the rings is a4" rings and the other is a 2" ring. Read the instructions that come with your bulbs and attach the correct ring and off you go...

Worked great!, 25-Mar-2016

After the past few years' drought left my back yard looking bare, I ordered the ProPlugger to add some new plugs to liven it up again. It was easy to use and I was able to re-sod a section of the lawn. Still need to get out there and do some more. I was able to pull about 8 plugs I to the handle, then go pull 8 plugs of dirt areas where I was transplanting. The plugs pop out of the top. The areas where I pulled plugs don't show and the new areas seem to be growing well.

Five Stars, 25-Mar-2016

The best lawn tool I own

Five Stars, 22-Mar-2016

This is the bomb!

Works a treat, 21-Mar-2016

Great, and fun to use, too.

Great Plugger, 20-Mar-2016

High Quality materials, works great soil just needs to be moist 100 times better than the one I almost bought at that big box store Worth the money