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Invested in this to plug Zeon Zoysia

Invested in this to plug Zeon Zoysia. It is super easy to use, and it saved me about $12,000 in sod (although my lawn will be a funky mix of fescue and zoysia for about a year or two.)

It works exceeding well

My husband is looking around for other things to plant because the tool works so very well.

Great product.

Great product. I buy lots of different items and it's nice when I am pleasantly surprised at how good something turns out to be. This works absolutely great and the results speak for themselves. I use it to put plugs into my lawn where there are bald spots. It actually does work and is a great way to repair my lawn. Extremely impressed!!

Works great!

This is the tool I have been looking for. I have bare spots in some areas of my lawn and volunteer Burmuda grass growing gangbusters in another part of my lawn. This tool makes it so easy to plug grass into bare spots in my lawn using the volunteer Bermuda grass. Bear in mind, it will take a long while for the bare spots to fill in, but it beats buying expensive plugs. But if you buy the plugs, it makes it easy to install them as well.

very sturdy

no dis likes

way better than my previous lawn plugger

Excellent design. I cannot understand how others were having trouble getting the plugs out unless they did not give the necessary attention to the lawn moisture prior to use. Too wet and it will clog. Too dry and the plugs fall apart. I was able to pull 5 plugs at a time and all but the final one just fell out. The fifth on required an easy nudge with my finger to get it started. Also very sturdy. People complaining about it not standing up to the task must have been talking about a different product.

Like a champ

Thing works great. Gotta be careful to not get too many plugs in it when the ground is too soft or it'll pack them in and you'll have quite a time getting them out. I can pull 10 4" plugs (grass plugs) with no issues. Typically 4 or 5 dirt plugs and I'm making sure to empty it.

Great Tool

The ProPlugger is a great tool, It is easy to use and very well built.

Very sturdy and easy to use.

This was a great plugger. So easy to use and the plugs drop right out. Unbelievably good thing to have.

A real gardener's helper

A real gardener's helper that makes planting bulbs or transplanting small plants MUCH easier. Well made and TOUGH!!!

100 plugs in under an hour!

Doing yard work with “the right tools” makes all the difference in the world. We were able to dig 100 holes and plant 100 grass plugs in under an hour. Even with clay-like soil in some areas, the ProPlugger handled it all with relative ease (for some of the more difficult holes, we would get it started with the ProPlugger, soak the hole with water, let it sit for a few minutes and then proceeded to dig the hole.) We definitely plan to use for future projects.

Quality product

This was easy to use and made plugging a large area of our lawn a pretty easy task. A friend borrowed it for his lawn and felt the same way.

The perfect yard weeder

I bought this tool to cover bare spots in my yard and it seems to work very well for that. It also works very well on yard weeds.

It works

Even though my bermuda is not that thick, I was still able to plug into dead areas of my lawn, and it is filling in nicely. Hard work but worth the efforts... No seed, just some sweat and topsoil.

Excellent tool!

Just needed to re-sod a small patch of the lawn and this tool was, absolutely, perfect for the job. Sturdy and very easy to use.


What I needed. As described.

Heavy duty and works great

Perfect plugger for zoysia

This works well

It does exactly what I need it to do and is VERY heavy duty!

Excellent tool. Does exactly what you would want. Great quality.

Well built sturdy and works great!