Product Reviews by Customers

Five Stars, 24-Nov-2015

So easy to use and made my plugging job a ton easier.

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Seems to be well built and will do the job. We'll find out for sure in the spring.

Get one, 08-Nov-2015

Great and simple concept. Made putting bulbs in the ground so much easier.

so awesome! I planted over 300 bulbs and this made ..., 07-Nov-2015

So awesome! I planted over 300 bulbs and this made it so fast and so easy. I was planting in nice bedding soil so I can not speak for planting in hard soil. It was a little harder to work with the day that the soil was wet/muddy...but still worked well! (much faster than using a shovel or small hand tool). It worked awesome when I planted on a day that the ground was hard/close to frozen. I'm an avid gardener and think this is going to be my favorite gardening tool. Already excited to plant annuals with it next summer!

Works great! I bought this and an auger to go ..., 06-Nov-2015

Works great! I bought this and an auger to go on a drill, this is by far easier to use. I planted 100 bulbs in just a few hours. It does work best with the ground is moist and if it gets plugged just run hose in it until it clears. I would definitely buy it again for all the time it saved.

Crazy efficient and effective, 04-Nov-2015

Brilliant for planting bulbs. Punch a bunch of holes then turn it over to dump out the plugs of soil and top them over the holes. Planted more than 200 crocus bulbs in my lawn in about an hour - and I was taking my time! Love the rings that let you plant at different depths- and the little velcro ring that keeps them attached to the unit for storage. Neat.

Easy to use and did a great job., 04-Nov-2015

Bulb planter arrived right on time and I love it! Easy to use and did a great job. Now I just need to buy more bulbs!

Incredibly easy to use, 02-Nov-2015

Incredibly easy to use, even in clay soil and on steep banks. Planted nearly 150 daffodil bulbs in one afternoon with this tool!

excellent tool!, 02-Nov-2015

excellent tool!....have had several other brands in the years past & none compare to the quality & ease of use of the pro-plugger.....

Five stars, 02-Nov-2015

Easy to use, strong, cuts planting time down 75%

Reluctant to purchase but it was worth every penny! Made planting bulbs a breeze!, 01-Nov-2015

I was hesitant to purchase this because of the price. I'm not a huge gardener and don't plant tons of bulbs and aside from that, this doesn't really have any other uses for us. However, this year I did order several hundred bulbs and because of the good reviews I decided to go ahead and try this out as I didn't want to use a trowel for each of those bulbs. I was skeptical that the plugs would come out so easy but they did. This worked like an absolute charm and was worth every penny to me. I used it in soil that was both dry and moist and it worked equally well in both situations...

Works reall well!, 01-Nov-2015

I received the ProPlugger promptly yesterday and used it today to dig 60 bulb holes. This product works exactly how it says. So far it works really well. I like that I can dig up to 4 holes before I need to turn it over and gently tap all the dirt plugs out. More later.

Five Stars, 29-Oct-2015

Worked great.

Easy to use and the plugs come right out both ..., 29-Oct-2015

Have used it a few times and it works as advertised. Easy to use and the plugs come right out both for plugs of grass and making holes for planting the plugs of sod.

Fantastic! Easy to use and quality heavy duty construction, 28-Oct-2015

Fantastic! Easy to use and quality heavy duty construction.

Good in some application..., 27-Oct-2015

If you have muddy or compact soil, this plugger would not work good for you. After a few use, the soil would get stuck inside the plugger and it would be very hard to get it out. If you have sandy and lose soil, this would work great. For the price of this, the manufacture should include a tool that could push out the soil that got stuck inside the plugger. You better off getting a hand drill auger - about $20. It would not get stuck and would also loosen up your soil a bit.

Sturdy and looks as expected, 26-Oct-2015

This seems well made but it is not the time of year to plant sod. I will update after using bit it looks like it'll work great. I'm thinking it'll pull weeds too.

better than expected, 25-Oct-2015

The plugger works very well, better than expected. I wet the Zoysa sod first, and was able to pull a clean plug at almost every try. The tool must be pushed into the sod and worked I time left, and one time right, then lift and plunge for the next plug. It fills up with 20-25 plugs, then they pour out the top very satisfactorily.

Five Stars, 25-Oct-2015

10 plugs in 5 mins awesome product! Planted 45 bulbs in less than 30 mins.

Five Stars, 19-Oct-2015

Its working as described so far. I could dig 70 plugs quickly in an hour.