Product Reviews by Customers

Five Stars, 17-Nov-2017

Awesome tool!!! Great on zoysia grass with loose soil. Saved lots of time and unneeded back pain.

I've had mine 2 years now and love it so much I gave them as gifts this ..., 16-Nov-2017

I've had mine 2 years now and love it so much I gave them as gifts this year. Makes planting hundreds of bulbs a breeze!

Four Stars, 16-Nov-2017

Good product. A real time saver.

Excellent Bulb Planting Tool, 15-Nov-2017

This tool is easy to use and penetrates my sandy soil pretty well. It cuts threw light roots better than my drill auger does. It also collects the dirt from the hole very well and makes it easy to control. If you have a big bulb job to do, this tool is one you'd want to have.

Five Stars, 15-Nov-2017

Really good product well made - Delivered on time.

Five Stars, 14-Nov-2017

Haven’t use yet but I love it

Best bulb planter EVER!, 13-Nov-2017

Close to 40 yrs gardening and tried every type of bulb planter out there, and this one is by far the best ever! Had to take away a star for the delay in shipping, I had a small window of time to plant and because if that I missed it. Then frigid temp set in for about a week before finally warming up enough to give this thing a try. Made very short work of what is usually a chore.

Would give the ProPlugger planter 10 stars if available, 11-Nov-2017

I purchased this because I was planting 100 tulip bulbs with a small bulb planter that went to a depth of 3" (which killed my back). Needed something that went to a depth of 6".

I absolutely wish I could give this 10 starts because anyone planting bulbs should have one. I know it does other things but this tool literally saved my back! Plus, the tulips are actually as deep as they should be.

Feel free to ask me any questions. Big fan.

this is a great product and I finished the job in less than ..., 09-Nov-2017

I used this plugger for planting spring bulbs. I typically plant over a hundred and have tried a variety of instruments to make the job easier. All of them had significant drawbacks. This one worked very well. In most cases it pulled out the plug which I could use to fill in over the bulb. The only drawback is that sometimes the plugs would get stuck in the tube. The prescribed hose technique to remove was a mess to use. However, on balance, this is a great product and I finished the job in less than half the usual time. It also saved wear and tear on my back and knees.

This product is FANTASTIC. The year before I dug with a shovel, 05-Nov-2017

This product is FANTASTIC. The year before I dug with a shovel...for hours and hours and HOURS. Saw this recommended and thought I'd give it a try, and based on reviews. WORTH EVERY CENT! Seriously, the easiest I've ever put in bulbs...and I've put in over 1,000!!! It is important to have the soil slightly-wet so this tool can do it's job effectively. Good luck, have fun, and plant MORE bulbs to your heart's desire!!!

stuck plugs., 04-Nov-2017

This started out great. You stick it in the dirt, twist a little, and out pops a hole! Turn it upside down and the dirt plug comes tumbling down. Ok, so I bought it for planting bulbs and it turns out the diameter is a bit smaller than a good daffodil bulb, which was a bit of a bummer, but you can pull out 2 neighboring plugs, so thats ok. It also hung up alot on the bark mulch I was planting into, but that's to be expected. But then the plugs just started getting stuck in the tube. They just wouldn't come out. The manual says to avoid planting in very wet or dry conditions to avoid this problem - but the soil was not very wet (it was moist but certainly not saturated) and its a loamy soil - not particularly sticky. Maybe this thing only works at a very particular soil texture and moisture level, but that doesn't make it particularly useful (certainly the soil has been at least this moist for the last month and won't dry out much - this is bulb planting). They recommend a complicated procedure for removing stuck plugs (using a hose sprayer part that is small enough to fit into the narrow tube - something I don't just happen to have sitting around - and furthermore I plant bulbs in late fall - as generally recommended - and by that time I've removed my hoses due to intermittent freezes). Once you've got few stuck plugs it stops working... looks like I'll be buying a different bulb planter.

ProPlugger Response: Hi, we’re very sorry to hear you had clogging issues with the 5-IN-1 Planting Tool. We typically find that clogging happens with overly dry or overly saturated soil, but we don't know why your loamy soil was clogging. You mentioned it hanging up on bark mulch. It’s much easier to plug after raking your mulch away from the area as bark, sticks and rocks can wedge up inside the tube and cause clogging. Another suggestion would be to empty the tube more frequently as this will lower the weight of the soil in the tube pressing down against the lower plugs.
We recommend using a jet nozzle to protect the tool from the damage that can be caused from banging the tool against hard objects (like trees in one instance). You can turn the tool completely upside down and tap firmly on the ground (not on a hard surface like decking or concrete) to loosen soil in the tube. It’s normal for the bottom plug to stay in the tube when emptying. It will naturally be pushed up the tube once you begin taking plugs again or if the soil is soft enough, you should be able to push it out with your finger. We hope this information is helpful.

Five Stars, 03-Nov-2017

works better than expected. so many tools make grandiose claims, but this tool's been well designed and manufactured

Nicest quality plugger ever used, 02-Nov-2017

Excellent quality. Works great and is made in the USA.

Four Stars, 30-Oct-2017

Very Good

Awesome!, 28-Oct-2017

This thing is awesome. My soil is terrible, rocky, roots, etc. Since I’ve purchased I’ve installed over 140 bulbs. Every once and a while the dirt plug is very hard to get out. Very high quality. The rings for different depths are very helpful as well.

Great product in general just not great for St. Augustine Grass types., 28-Oct-2017

Does not work well on St. Augustine lawns down here in Florida. I assume this is due to the nature of how this grass grows with runners. The plugs are too small to transport enough of the St. Augustin to be effective. Unless I choose a very and I mean very dense section of lawn to pull a plug from I would end up with a clump of grass and a wad of dirt that would often separate.

That being said on all other types of lawns I am sure this is amazing. The craftsmanship is top notch, thick walled tubing and good welds. Even when trying to make a plug in my thick st. augustine this item was able to cut into the sod like butter and felt very solid while doing so. Other pluggers I have found have felt cheap and eventually broke. If you could make a version that was maybe a 3" to 4" diameter hole I am sure it would work fantastic for St. Augustine.

ProPlugger response: Hi Matt, Thank you for your kind review. We don't recommend (on the Product Description) using the ProPlugger with St. Augustine grass because of its' loose structure of roots and runners. However, a gardener from Texas reported that she used the 4" depth ring to transplant Raleigh St. Augustine plugs, which she said transplanted beautifully. I don't know if using the 4" depth ring would work for you, but it may be worth a try.

Five Stars, 28-Oct-2017

Very sturdy and easy to use. Arrived promptly.

Soil compacts inside the tube, 26-Oct-2017

I have garden soil and after a few uses, the soil compacted inside the tube and was nearly impossible to remove.

ProPlugger Response: Hi Kat, We’re very sorry to hear you had clogging issues with the 5-IN-1 Planting Tool. Clogging typically happens with overly dry or overly saturated soil. If you’re having clogging issues, you may also want to check to see if mulch, sticks or a rock has wedged in the tube. Also, emptying the tube more frequently might help. 
To loosen soil that is clogged in the tube, you can turn the tube completely upside down and firmly but carefully tap the top of the tool on the ground (not on a hard surface like decking or concrete). This should loosen the plugs so you can pour them out. The last plug in the tube will not normally come out as the tube is tapered. It will naturally be pushed up the tube once you begin taking plugs again or if the soil is soft enough, you should be able to push it out with your finger. Please don’t use any implement (stick, rake handle etc.) to push the clog out as it can compact the clog and make it more difficult to remove
For a clog that cannot be removed with this method, it’s best to insert a jet nozzle on the end of a garden hose down into the tube and “drill” the obstruction out. We hope this information is helpful. 

Love it! Have used it twice and it makes ..., 26-Oct-2017

Love it! Have used it twice and it makes planting tulips easy.

What a neat tool! Works great., 26-Oct-2017

What a great design. Sturdy, plunges into soil nicely with some slight twisting if you are going to 6 inches, but really does a nice job. Pouring the dirt contents from several holes right back into the holes after setting the bulbs makes it efficient too. I recommend it.