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Four Stars, 18-May-2016

works very well

Works well., 18-May-2016

Works well. Bought it to rid my lawn and mulch beds of onion grass. It was quite easy to remove them, including root bulbs. Also transferred some plugs from thick part of my lawn and transplanted in bare spots. Too soon to tell if that will work. All in all, very satisfied.

Great tool, 18-May-2016

This tool saves your back and works just as advertised.

This is the best plugger!, 17-May-2016

This is the best plugger! It worked exactly as described and I was able to plant 75 bulbs quickly and easily. I wish i had it for my previous 200 bulbs!

Five Stars, 16-May-2016


limited functionality, 13-May-2016

This looked like it would be perfect for planting the new xeriscape we designed. While it works if you have the perfect clumping soil, it won't work well if you have very sandy soil or dry soil. Our landscapers finished sod cutting last week, so the heavy clay soil was churned up and watered. In spots, it worked well because the soil was fairly moist without being muddy. But the dry/sandy areas just caved right back in.

Very satisfied purchaser., 05-May-2016

I am establishing a Zoyzia lawn with sod plugs and the plan yesterday (Proplugger just arrived) was to put down a few holes just to gauge the ease of use. I finished the front yard (50×55) in little over an hour while spacing the plugs every 12 inches.
This tool makes this process super easy. Well worth the cost after just one use.

Great Tool! Works Well!, 04-May-2016

Love this plugger! Very sturdy tool and works great! A bit more expensive than some others but well worth the extra cost. A real tool for real work!

If you plant bulbs, you need this planter!, 04-May-2016

I would rate this 6 stars if I could. It digs a hole just as advertised. Place it, step on it and remove the plug. Dump the plugs out just as fast as you can turn it over. I use the added movement of leaning outwards around the hole to "wallow" it out. The depth rings are very easy to use, but I do wish there was a clip to store them on the device...

This was the perfect tool for planting sod plugs., 03-May-2016

I've always said that the right tool can be the difference between a simple task and a grueling ordeal. This was the perfect tool for planting sod plugs. It shortened my work time by at least half. 

Wow!! EXACTLY as described!, 02-May-2016

Wow! Not very often you get something that is EXACTLY as it was described!! Quality and performance... I will use this for a long time...and a lot!!!

great for bulb planting and grass, 02-May-2016

well made ... great for bulb planting and grass plugs

Pros - great for planting bulbs and weeding thistles, 02-May-2016

Pros - great for planting bulbs and weeding thistles. Saved me a LOT of work and back ache. A 30-45 minute bulb planting job took 15 minutes with the plugger.

Cons - can't think of one. Does what it says AFAIC. Haven't used it to do grass plugs.

I was planting a new lawn and thought this tool ..., 01-May-2016

I was planting a new lawn and thought this tool would save my back & knees by allowing me to plant grass plugs in an upright manner. However, it was difficult to insert the end into the soil and in fact it soon plugged up with dirt. To be fair, the instruction call for using it wet dirt but this will only make a big mess. It might work for a small flower bed but it's not designed for planting a large area.

Five Stars, 01-May-2016

worked great!!!

I love it. Now all the ladies in the family have one!, 28-Apr-2016

The ProPlugger works so well. Its design is perfect for a multitude of uses and I love that it has the measurement rings. It really saves time, you can put about 80 bulbs in the ground in one hour. It works so well that I also purchased one for my mother and the another for my sister.

great product, 28-Apr-2016

gets the job done

Great tool!, 25-Apr-2016

Works great! I did learn that if you're using sod the best option is to take a plug from 2 pieces at a time.

Best gardening tool I have ever bought, 24-Apr-2016

I am an amateur gardener. This tool is hands down the best thing I have ever used. I was skeptical and it is not cheap - but as soon as I used it I realized I can't do without it. I use it mostly for planting purpose. It not only works with bulbs - its size is perfect for all the plants I started in the little seed starter pods. I am not very strong so this tool really allowed me to effortlessly place precise perfect holes at the right depth for my plantings. Also it saves me from having to get down, bend my back and get up. Even if it breaks down the road, I will be replacing it bc it is just worth every penny. I don't think I can use this to weed though bc the hole it creates is huge.

Well worth the price, 24-Apr-2016

My hubby and I have a lot of landscaping that we need to get done. He asked for a bulb planter and after some research I decided he'd much prefer one he could stand up with so he wouldn't put too much pressure on his back.
Family scolded us for spending so much money on one but hubby said it was AWESOME to use and well worth it and very well made. Annuals aren't a problem when it's fast to plant. We'll be using this for years to come.