Product Reviews by Customers

this tool is the best., 12-Nov-2014

ground has to be damp.we planted over 100 tulips in a little over one hour. this tool is the best.

This tool works perfectly if your soil is perfect. I got it to plant bulbs, 09-Nov-2014

This tool works perfectly if your soil is perfect. I got it to plant bulbs, and did not realize how many rocks were in my soil until I started using the planting tool. When it hits a rock, it will go no further until you dig the rock out (makes sense, but not something I had thought of before). Definitely use it (as the minimalist directions say) when the soil is quite moist: it won't work when soil is too hard and dry, and digging those rocks out is also easier. When there are no obstructions, it really does go quickly and easily. I'm still glad I got it, since I don't think any other method would have worked better.

Nothing bends or breaks, 05-Nov-2014

This grass plugger is easy to use. Moves plugs quickly as they store in the handle, then flip it over and they dump out in tact., Heavy duty construction.

Tube bends easily, 02-Nov-2014

I like the tool but after around 400 holes in one day, one handle started to bend down and deform. I doubt that I will be able to use this much longer without breaking a handle off and ruining the tool....I have chosen to upgrade my review to 4 stars. A company representative contacted me to let me voice my concerns about the tool. He also gave me a little background on why the deformation happened and how to prevent it from happening further. Needless to say, my problem happened because I am super muscular and may have manhandled the tool too much. Well, at least that is what I told my wife the rep said...

Tips and Troubleshooting: Bending of the area around the handle bars can often be caused by using excessive downward pressure with the upper body, mainly arms and shoulders,  in an effort to "push" the planting tool into the ground. It is recommended to let your body weight and gravity do most of the work by stepping down on the footpegs (see instruction decal on the tool). The purpose of the handlebars are to position and hold the tool while stepping down on the pegs as well as the twisting action and pulling up on the tool once the hole is dug. 

Best tool EVER, 02-Nov-2014

Best tool EVER for planting spring bulbs!

Substantial Garden Tool, 27-Oct-2014

Heavy duty tool. Will use to plant lots of bulbs for fall.

Easy. Works., 26-Oct-2014

After using a few cheapies borrowed from family and friends I ended up buying this one to plant a number of tulips in our back yard. Wow. It couldn't be better. Great product. Recommend 100%!

great tool! Used it several times, 26-Oct-2014

great tool! Used it several times. Saves a LOT of digging!

Plugger works just like it should. Don't use it if it is too wet to plow., 25-Oct-2014

If the soil is right (just as the instructions say) this thing is a gem:
Day 1, after having a tremendous amount of rain, and waiting a few days, I went to plant some tulips in the flower bed. The soil had not dried out. My soil is a heavy clay soil. Ugh! After I finally got it cleaned out.....

Day 2, two days later: punch-punch-punch. Worked beautifully...

... have planted almost 100 bulbs and this planter is great!, 25-Oct-2014

purchased this spring for fall bulb planting I have planted almost 100 bulbs and this planter is great!

Five Stars, 25-Oct-2014

Excellent for planting tulips (6" deep), even for hard soil with roots and small stones.

Save your money, 23-Oct-2014

Dirt plugged the tool every single time and I had to use a wooden garden stake to pound it out, making bulb-planting a tiring, tedious and time-consuming two-person job. Nor was the hole 8" deep as recommended on the bulb-planting instructions - the only depth options available were 4" or 6". We finally gave up after about 30 bulbs and planted the rest of our 1,000 daffodil bulbs using a simple garden spade. Much easier and faster, and we could have saved the purchase price.

This bulb planter is great!, 18-Oct-2014

This bulb planter is great! Planted 100 bulbs in less than an hour.

I highly recommend this tool., 18-Oct-2014

I highly recommend this tool. It worked as advertised. In fact, it worked better then advertised.

So easy to use that I'm looking forward to putting more ..., 17-Oct-2014

Just used it and in a few hours planted over 250 bulbs! So easy to use that I'm looking forward to putting more bulbs in.

Plugger is easy to use and set up, 15-Oct-2014

Plugger is easy to use and set up. I had a small concern about ease of empty, but when I tipped it over it emptied easily. Sharp and cuts well. It is well made and will last a long time.

Outstanding Invention!!!, 13-Oct-2014

I love, love, love this bulb planter. I planted over 100 bulbs in less than two hours. Fantastic! Going back to the nursery for more bulbs. I highly recommend this tool. It is very sturdy built. Should last for many years. Fellow gardeners save your back and hands! Buy this bulb planter. By the way I am 57 and I have arthritis in my hands.

Otherwise good, 12-Oct-2014

I wish hole was a bit bigger - it takes alot of plugs to make a big difference. Otherwise good idea

This planter is amazing. Because of it's heft, 11-Oct-2014

This planter is amazing. Because of it's heft, it's easy to punch 6" holes for bulbs. Dug 57 holes for Narcissus in 20 minutes this afternoon! The rings provided will be a great asset for smaller bulb planting. This thing really works!

Solid plugger!, 09-Oct-2014

Fantastic plugger. I'm harvesting zoysia out of my father's "crop" and this is the size plug you want! Beyond this, you are laying sod.