Product Reviews by Customers

Easy to use., 18-Jul-2017

I planted 75 bulbs in about 90 minutes and it worked perfectly. I wish I had it years ago.

Many, many thanks for a great little product., 17-Jul-2017

I'm the woman in Texas who has Raleigh St. Augustine and worried that I could not use the ProPlugger per your instructions. But Bill said that if I had St. Augustine donor sites in my yard, and if I took a 4" (deep) plug; transplanting should be fine. Well, it has been even better than "fine." The 4" plugs from softened soil were perfect and they have transplanted beautifully!

My only "complaint" is that this plugging with the ProPlugger is sooooo easy. I had no idea that it would be as simple as it looks on your You Tube video. My experience with your ProPlugger has been terrific and I have even given plugs to a few of my neighbors since the process is no trouble at all (even for a 73 year old woman).

Many, many thanks for a great little product. I will be using this for plugging and weeding where needed.

Customer Email from Janet in Texas

Four Stars, 11-Jul-2017

Works perfectly and is easy to use

Easy to use and effective garden tool, 08-Jul-2017

Was a gift to a gardener. Said he LOVED it and made his work easier.

I have put in 450 plugs in my yard and this tool makes it very easy to do so, 05-Jul-2017

WOW, I have put in 450 plugs in my yard and this tool makes it very easy to do so, I am so glad that I bought this it saved me a lot of hard work and made the job of putting in grass plugs quick and easy...Thank you!

Five Stars, 29-Jun-2017

Super easy to use and does the job. You'll love it and it will save your back!

Awesome!, 25-Jun-2017

Works great!

Wish I bought it sooner., 19-Jun-2017

I have bermuda grass and this was the perfect solution. If you do your own yard work you need this tool.

Quality. Versatile. Worth every dime., 17-Jun-2017

Can't tell you how great this plugger is. I put off this purchase for two years, but glad I finally pulled the trigger. I've had this almost a full year and it's sill in great shape! Here's what I've used it for in the last year:

1) make summer plugs for shady and erosion areas (took healthy Bermuda from my full sun corners of the yard)
2) Removal of clumped field fescue. Takes the root core right out...quick and easy.
3) Create plugs from sod. Do this early in the season and be sure they don't dry out

Thanks for making a great product!

This tool was "Quick" and easy to use, 10-Jun-2017

I usually don't comment but when I do is spectacular. This tool was "Quick" and easy to use. I thought the construction was very good and the feel was easy on the hands. The spacers for depth worked great and did not fall off. I wound up using it mostly as a kind of aerator and filled the holes with compost and seed. 96% of the cores came up great filling almost the whole tube. I think moist soil worked the best. Buy this as it's a winner.

Five Stars, 04-Jun-2017

Makes fixing up bare spots in a lawn very easy.

Five Stars, 31-May-2017

Love it. I plug my lawn barren area very easily

This is the best tool and I would recommend it to anyone, 22-May-2017

I purchased my tool directly from the manufacturer and have been using it for weeks now. I must have dug over 300 holes by now. This is the best tool and I would recommend it to anyone. I am planting Zoysia plugs and this makes easy work of doing so. I am also using it to amend my soils which are not a good type; too much clay.

One Star, 20-May-2017

dont waste your money and time just plant seed

Product worked as described, 15-May-2017

It worked well. The pieces are small so my grassed died when moved but it could be an issue with my ability to replant the grass and not about the size

Great for reburbing a northern lawn, 06-May-2017

I did a renovation on my northern lawn last fall that consisted of Kentucky Bluegrass, fescue and rye. There were a few area that didn't fill in and caused some bare spots. I pulled plugs from the KBG area of my lawn that was doing well and used this to transplant them to the bare area. KBG is a spreading grass and this should help the grass fill in quicker. I'll admit I was dubious as this looked like a gimmick but it worked way better than I expected and was easy to use. Make sure you do it when the ground is wet so it's soft. I did mine after a night of rain and it worked great.

Great product! I own and operate a landscape company ..., 01-May-2017

Great product! I own and operate a landscape company and we have used and abused this tool and I now am order two more. If i could give this tool a 10 star I would.

Great for plugging in the garden and lawn, 27-Apr-2017

Well built. Great for plugging in the garden and lawn.

Excellent product - built to last, 30-Dec-2016

This is an amazing tool. Used it to easily plug worn areas of my lawn.

Great plugging tool, 26-Nov-2016

We have a zoysia back yard (thick grass) and I wanted to move some plugs to the front where we have Bermuda grass. This tool is great and efficient. Have the right moisture content in what you're cutting will make it easier.