Product Reviews by Customers

Works great!, 04-Feb-2016

Works really well. Unfortunately, the grass plugs in my area come in square pots that are bigger than the round hole made by the digger. I can easily make plugs from existing grass. It is a great product very well made.

Even in this tough Albuquerque clay soil it will dig ..., 20-Jan-2016

Even in this tough Albuquerque clay soil it will dig up a hole for me to put bulbs, Has been so much help in moving around the bulbs. I'm older and it really helped and does what it says it does

Happy purchase, 19-Jan-2016

Looks like a good quality purchase with many uses. Bought it as a gift for my husband. He seems pleased with the purchase.

Love this thing! Heavy duty and easy to use. Works in clay!, 09-Jan-2016

This thing is amazing! I bought the ProPlugger to plant some bulbs. We live in a place with hard clay soil, so gardening can be a big challenge, and bulb planting in the past has been back breaking work. I decided to take advantage of a recent rain, and grabbed my bag of 60 bulbs and my ProPlugger and got to work. The ProPlugger cut through my clay soil like it was butter. Butter, I tell you! I could not believe it. I got my planting done in under an hour and it was actually fun. Replacing the plugs was easy, too. And did I mention this thing is heavy duty and good quality? Excellent purchase!

Five Stars, 01-Jan-2016

Worked way better than i thought.

Five Stars, 29-Dec-2015

Good product.

Very easy to use, 28-Dec-2015

Very easy to use, wait a few days after a good rain if you have hard soil. Planted 100 tulips in one hour!

100 bulbs in 15 minutes, 14-Dec-2015

This is so, so easy to use. I planted 100 tulip bulbs in under 15 minutes and without getting my hands caked in dirt. I couldn't believe it. It is so, so easy. I don't even understand why it goes into the dirt so easily, because my dirt was hard packed and the edges of the tool aren't sharp, but all I can say is that it works and that the plugs of dirt come out pretty easily too. Previously, in 15 minutes I might have been able to plant 6 or 7 ... not 100 ... bulbs. And with a lot more sweat doing it.

300 bulbs later..., 10-Dec-2015

300 bulbs later and my wife thanked me so much for this purchase. Great product.

Would be 5 stars if it didn't clog up so much, 30-Nov-2015

When it works properly it is 5 stars, but when it clogs it is useless. I had ordered 800 bulbs to plant around my property. When the ProPlugger is in ideal soil it works like a dream, you can easily make 10+ holes per minute. However, if the soil is too damp, or has too much compost the thing clogs up and takes about 20-30 minutes to unclog using a garden hose. I managed to make about 450 holes in 3 hours using the ProPlugger and it clogged three times, finally I had to dig the rest by hand using a shovel....

OK if you're strong enough to push through the soil ..., 27-Nov-2015

OK if you're strong enough to push through the soil. Edges are not sharp enough to cut through Colorado soil.

Astoundingly easy to work with, 27-Nov-2015

Astoundingly easy to work with - looking forward to next spring so I can plug and plant more easily!

Five Stars, 25-Nov-2015

Just as advertised

Five Stars, 24-Nov-2015

So easy to use and made my plugging job a ton easier.

Five Stars, 23-Nov-2015

Seems to be well built and will do the job. We'll find out for sure in the spring.

Get one, 08-Nov-2015

Great and simple concept. Made putting bulbs in the ground so much easier.

so awesome! I planted over 300 bulbs and this made ..., 07-Nov-2015

So awesome! I planted over 300 bulbs and this made it so fast and so easy. I was planting in nice bedding soil so I can not speak for planting in hard soil. It was a little harder to work with the day that the soil was wet/muddy...but still worked well! (much faster than using a shovel or small hand tool). It worked awesome when I planted on a day that the ground was hard/close to frozen. I'm an avid gardener and think this is going to be my favorite gardening tool. Already excited to plant annuals with it next summer!

Works great! I bought this and an auger to go ..., 06-Nov-2015

Works great! I bought this and an auger to go on a drill, this is by far easier to use. I planted 100 bulbs in just a few hours. It does work best with the ground is moist and if it gets plugged just run hose in it until it clears. I would definitely buy it again for all the time it saved.

Crazy efficient and effective, 04-Nov-2015

Brilliant for planting bulbs. Punch a bunch of holes then turn it over to dump out the plugs of soil and top them over the holes. Planted more than 200 crocus bulbs in my lawn in about an hour - and I was taking my time! Love the rings that let you plant at different depths- and the little velcro ring that keeps them attached to the unit for storage. Neat.

Easy to use and did a great job., 04-Nov-2015

Bulb planter arrived right on time and I love it! Easy to use and did a great job. Now I just need to buy more bulbs!