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Best investment I’ve ever made

It’s easy too. Even easier than they demonstrate. Wait after it rains and then just let it fill up. Then go plant them. As you push doe one comes out and you put it in the hole. Then when you get more plugs a plug of dirt pops out you use to replace the space. These people don’t even know how to use their own tool!? They have you dumping them out etc. waste of time. Plus you know how much time and money I save on plugs and sod!? And don’t bother putting fertilizer down like the reccomdnd. Waste of time. For grass? Really? Just go sprinkle some everywhere after if you want. 15 minutes. Love this tool but only when frond is moist or wet. Then plop plop!!

The Best Damned Garden Plugger on the Market

Well worth the money, and outperforms higher priced similar devices. This tool is easy on the lower back. It is tough—you’d have to really go out of your way to mess it up. I recently planted quite a few bags of tulips and daffodils using this baby and it helped me shave hours off my time for such a task—not kidding! Can’t wait to tackle a few dead spots in the lawn this spring. I’m a true believer in having the right tools for the job, and I’m glad to have this in my arsenal of lawn gear. I recommend it.

Works beautifully


Easy to use

I liked this pro plugger. It does a good job and it's easy to use. I used it in a garden area that had wet black dirt and it got stopped up if I didn't dump it out every time but when I used it in the yard that has red dirt I could dig several holes without it getting stopped up so I was able to use it very quickly and it really didn't require much work because it is very easy to use. We have had a lot of rain this year so it may do better in that heavy black soil when it's a little drier. Over all really liked this product a lot. I would recommend it to others especially if you have a lot of holes to dig!

Perfect for planting

This is a very well built tool that works great for planting flowers bulbs and also works perfect for planting coins in a coin garden for testing and reviewing metal detectors, so grab one while they last

OK product for the money you paid

Used once. It's OK

Don't know returned it unused

Returned .. It would not work in heavy wet soil..

Love it

Love it it well made and tuff . And made in the USA

A true time saver and back saver

This thing is the freaking bomb. In the time it took me to plant 20 bulbs the weekend before I planted 75 with this in about half the time.

Works perfectly as advertised!

This thing is amazing. I've tried trowels, shovels, handheld plug diggers, and augers. Nothing works as well as this does. I live in Virginia and we have gotten record-setting rain on top of mostly-clay soil. Even in the soggy, rooty muck under my magnolia tree, this is punching perfect holes at easy-to-measure depths. Seriously the best $40 I've spent.

Used it to plant bulbs.

Did exactly what I needed it to do. Ground was wet, which probably assisted.

Absolutely fabulous.

Absolutely fabulous. Works best on dry or moist soil but can be used if soil is wet. Highly recommend it.

Makes bulb planting easy!

This really makes bulb planting easy.
You do need to water a couple of days before to get the soil damp. It took me a couple of times to get just the right amount of moisture so the soil would not clogged up the tube.

Works great

Easy to use

easy to use, works well

planted several hundred daffodils over the last week, no problems with plugging. easiest tool I have used for bulb planting. also used it to remove material from lawn high spots

Works great

Very solid build, they have really designed this tool well.

Dirt just gets stuck, no help at all!

This hole digger was no help at all! Dry dirt was too hard to dig, and wet dirt just got jammed in there. I had to clean it out with a stick, with great difficulty, because the dirt became so condensed. It just made a mess of my bulb planting. You're better off just using a small trowel.

ProPlugger response: We're very sorry to hear that you had clogging issues. For the best success with plugging, use when the soil is moist - not overly saturated. Empty the tool after taking a few plugs to reduce the chance of clogging. To empty the tool, turn over and shake into a wheelbarrow or bucket. If the dirt is stuck, you can tap the tool firmly but carefully on soft dirt. Because of the tapered end, the last dirt plug doesn't always slide out. You can usually push it out with your thumb. Again, we are sorry that you had issues with the tool. 

Amazing product

Amazing product. Had 37 flats of dwarf mondo put in and it made the process so much easier. Worth every penny!

Worth the money

This made it much easier to plant flowers

The Best!

I am a senior citizen, this product is comfortable to handle. Planting bulbs and pulling out weeds is now easy on my back.