Product Reviews by Customers

Worked a treat., 23-Sep-2017

Very easy to use and no clogging with wet earth!

Pro Plugger, 21-Sep-2017

I'm using this for sod plugs, and it's very easy to work. Saves so much time and effort in patching sod areas.

Not good on centipede., 17-Sep-2017

Didn't work well at all on centipede grass. Got a few rolls of sod to make plugs and this tool wouldn't cut through when used as instructed. May work well on other types of grasses. Returned it.

ProPlugger Tips and Troubleshooting: We've found a new method that is much easier than cutting sod pieces with the ProPlugger. With this method, you lay the sod down onto prepared soil, keeping it watered daily (or twice daily during dry, hot weather) for several weeks until the grass roots in. After several weeks, gently pull on the sod to see if it has rooted. Make sure that the area you will be plugging in has been watered a day or two in advance if you haven't had recent rains. Then using the 2" depth ring, begin digging planting holes with the ProPlugger and filling them with perfect sized 2" grass plugs taken from your rooted-in sod pieces. Fill the donor holes with bagged garden soil, potting mix or a screened mixture of the soil you took when digging your planting holes and compost. Water the newly plugged area and transplant area every day for a week or two.
How to Fill Holes Made with the ProPlugger 5-IN-1 Planting Tool

Buy it and Plug away, 13-Sep-2017

I bought this Proplugger for cutting my Zoysia grass plugs and transplanting them .

Great plugger, 13-Sep-2017

Great plugger. Easy to use, and works as advertised. Already did a few plugs and areas plugged never missed a beat when I transplanted them. Happy customer.

Four Stars, 03-Sep-2017

Difficult to remove the plugs from the cylind

Five Stars, 03-Sep-2017

Works great

Four Stars, 27-Aug-2017

This plugger is very sturdy.



Five Stars, 24-Aug-2017

Works Great

does not work well at placing plugs in ground. ..., 23-Aug-2017

does not work well at placing plugs in ground. They get ripped apart and then die when placed in the hole. I should have returned it.

It actually works., 14-Aug-2017

I am not much on buying "miracle" tools, but this one really works. The design is simple, a tapered tube, small at the digging end, wider further down. Whoever designed this has obviously had the frustration with regular pluggers and thought about how to simplify the job. I have had the device for three weeks and have done over 400 zoysia plugs with ease, 5 at a time like the device advertise. 

The metal/piping used is thick and strong, the handles and foot piece are strong metal with thick welds. The paint is tough, I am guessing powder coated. The rings give you a standard plug every time. 

It literally is as simple as step down, twist and move on. I did 100+ plugs in about an hour or two last weekend and I wasn't in a hurry. This tool is truly the best plugger on the market. Doing 5 at a time saves time and the tool looks as if it will last years. I suspect the opening will need to be sharpened from time to time, but that's easy. No regrets buying it, It will be used a lot over the next few years as I convert my lawn into a thick Zoysia lawn. Five stars and highly recommended.

Great tool, 14-Aug-2017

We bought this to pull plugs from other parts of our yard to fill in where we lost our grass because of a flood. And this is the best tool I could find and it works great and it is so easy to use. I'm glad I bought this one I looked and read reviews on a lot of the plug tools and you will not go wrong with this one if you need to fix your yard from spots that does not have grass this is the way to go.

Great lawn tool, 13-Aug-2017

This thing is a beast. be prepared for a good workout if you're plugging a huge yard. I use it all the time to plug bare spots in my yard. I like that it holds about 10 plugs in the tube.

Sent it back after being fooled by the videos showing how easy it was, 11-Aug-2017

Does not work at all. Sent it back after being fooled by the videos showing how easy it was.

ProPlugger Comment: All of our videos showing the 5-IN-1 tool are conducted in moist soil as recommended on the instructions located on the back side of the decal on tool. We didn't use any Hollywood "magic" during the editing of the videos :-)
Can you give us some more details on why you were dissatisfied and the soil conditions where you were using the tool?

Five Stars, 06-Aug-2017

Performs perfectly for spreading zoysia plugs

Five Stars, 05-Aug-2017

it works great

Five Stars, 30-Jul-2017

excellent in wet ground

Four Stars, 29-Jul-2017

Good item. Saves your back. Now I need tool to actually plant the flower!

Five Stars, 29-Jul-2017

Works Great!