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Definitely allows you to finish a tedious task in less than half the time. Can’t wait to see our tulips in the spring!

Great garden tool. Made planting bulbs quick and easy.

starsQuality tool-to stand up to the rigors of bulb planting, fast, and, not having to be on my hands and knees to dig the holes.

I love it-the best tulip bulb planter I have ever used! I like the fact that I never had to dig any of the dirt plugs out of the tube-they easily slide out.

Five Stars

Awesome product. Great plugs everytime

Probably good for the right type(s) of soil

It's ok if you have the correct type of soil. I had lots of issues with hard, damp soil getting stuck. A word of caution, don't bang the narrowed/tapered end on a hard surface. Once you lose the perfect "O" end that goes into the ground, it's even more difficult to get compacted soil out of the barrel.

ProPlugger Response: Christopher, We're sorry to hear that your plugger struggled with your soil and would be happy to send you a replacement tool (for your damaged one) at no charge. I'd also like to share a straightforward method for getting even the most sticky, wet soil from ruining your project. You can turn the tool completely upside down and tap firmly on the ground (not on a hard surface like decking or concrete) to loosen soil in the tube. 
It’s normal for the bottom plug to stay in the tube when emptying. It will naturally be pushed up the tube once you begin taking plugs again or if the soil is soft enough, you should be able to push it out with your finger. We hope this information is helpful.

Best bulb planter ever

Best bulb planter ever. I have used a variety of ball planters, and have found this to be the absolute best. Much faster than any other bulb planter I have ever had , And the dirt plugs easily slide out from the device

Five Stars

great tool, made planting hundreds of bulbs and tubers a breeze.

Pro plugger kudos!

The tool is great for planting bulbs at various depths! Had a different one that failed on me. This one works much faster and is very well made. I have already recommended it to my family!

Love it

Wonderful product! This has made plugging grass sprigs very easy. Fun to use.

Fantastic helper!

Excellent tool! Made bulb and root planting a breeze!

Best garden tool ever.

I love this thing. It is super heavy duty. I am of a certain age where if I have to kneel to plant things I am in misery. I also live in the south where I can plant winter flowers. I decided to try my old bulb planter a few weeks ago to make the perfect size holes for putting in my pansies and snapdragons and wondered if they made a long handled bulb planter so I wouldn't have to get on the ground. This is just the perfect tool for planting annuals and small potted plants. It makes the perfect size hole and pulls up the dirt with it. I sprinkle some potting mix in the hole, drop the plant in, pour a little more potting mix around the plant and tap it in with my foot. Very little bending involved. The dirt comes up with the plugger and falls out very easily by just turning it over...

Best tool i have for flowers

This work wonderfully....if you like to plant bulbs this is a must

Five Stars

love it... REALLY!

I Like It

OK, I had very little hope for this. Normally the gimmicky things that claim to make your life easier just end up in the recycle pile. But I like this. I've been transferring Zoysia plugs for a year now and this has made the process much easier and less bending. I've also used to add compost to areas of the lawn that was compacted. It's a big hole just for adding compost but it works. I like the depth adjustment, simple.

Great for planting bulbs

Great for planting bulbs. Going to do some lawn plugging in the spring to help my new Kentucky bluegrass fill in.

Five Stars

Awesome tool!!! Great on zoysia grass with loose soil. Saved lots of time and unneeded back pain.

I've had mine 2 years now and love it so much I gave them as gifts this ...

I've had mine 2 years now and love it so much I gave them as gifts this year. Makes planting hundreds of bulbs a breeze!

Four Stars

Good product. A real time saver.

Excellent Bulb Planting Tool

This tool is easy to use and penetrates my sandy soil pretty well. It cuts threw light roots better than my drill auger does. It also collects the dirt from the hole very well and makes it easy to control. If you have a big bulb job to do, this tool is one you'd want to have.

Five Stars

Really good product well made - Delivered on time.

Five Stars

Haven’t use yet but I love it