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Five Stars

I believe my husband liked everything about it.

Five Stars

Simple but excellent tool.

Five Stars

Great tool! Very heavy duty. Expensive but worth the money.

I love that there are 2 measuring disc to help with ...

Very high quality. I love that there are 2 measuring disc to help with depth.

Four Stars


Handy dandy tool!!

My husband got this for me and I was actually amazed at how well it works. Being able to pull multiple plugs at a time from a standing position is so much better!!! O.h, and the plugs slide right out!

is sturdy But not as easy to use as it is ...

It is sturdy But not as easy to use as it is suggested ---- Good for soft soil --I could not use it on established areas
and how about dirt jams ---

ProPlugger Comment:  We're sorry you had difficulty plugging in your established areas. We've found that watering the area well a day or two prior or waiting until after a good rain before working in an area really makes a difference. If you're having issues with clogging, empty the tool more often, when it's half full. If you have a clog, turn the tool upside down, holding the footpegs, carefully, but firmly tap the top of the tube on soft ground to dislodge the clog. I hope this helps. 

Four Stars

works well.

Great Tool!

I am very happy with my pro plugger. Works great for getting rid of weeds with taproots. I tried using it to cut plugs out of some sod I had dug up and it was less than successful but not the tools fault, it cut the plugs, there just wasn’t enough roots to work so I cut the sod into blocks and jammed them into the hole. I have used it in various soils and levels of dryness and it worked great. It hasn’t failed to dump out the plugs I cut but I usually don’t cut more than six. The depth control rings are simplicity and work great. Overall I couldn’t be more pleased!

Worked great but do not use on clay soil.

Performed 5 stars on good loamy soil like a flower bed and good lawn soil even with some small rocks. Very easy to control even by someone who is not strong. However only one star on clay. Do not use on clay as it will clog. I had to get my power washer to clear it. If you have clay soil then clear it after every single plug. If the manufacturer cut semi circle notches into the tube every foot or so, it would be easier to clear if you run into clay. It did great on ideal soil. We planted 200 Zoyzia plugs in one hour. Then it took 2 hours to plant 100 plugs when we hit clay. The manufacturer should know that users will find less then optimal soil and they should modify the design to prevent clogs or make clearing clogs easier while maintaining the strength and price of the device. Cutting 3 semicircles in the tube at manufacture should not add $1 in cost. To finish in the clay soil I found an old bulb planter and used it. This tube is easier to control than the augers for drills. Hit a rock and that drill auger will buck.

Durable, Plugger great for all kinds of things.

We use this for putting fertilizer in a drip line of my apple trees, and other fruit trees in the future. We will also be using this for planting certain veggies and flower bulbs. I might even use it for planting small arborvitaes since they come in just small planters.

This plugger is strong and adjustable, I looked at several other brands/products, and I am sold on this one. It works just like it should, has no problems and it Durable.

Awesome! Just one small complaint.

This thing is so cool! For planting bulbs or something like that.... Perfect! My one complaint is that it's not really sharp enough to cut through grass to make grass plugs like it advertises. It's super hard to get good plugs out. I tried varying degrees of moisture thinking maybe it was that it was too dry but it was just the grass it couldn't really cut through...

ProPlugger response:  Hi Cindee, Can you tell me what type of sod/grass you have? We sharpen the tool prior to powder coating so you may find that as the powder coat wears off, which may take a while, the sharpened edge will be more visible and effective. Having said that, I'd still be interested to find out your lawn grass type if you don't mind. Thanks, Bill Carney, ProPlugger


Great Aid in the Garden.

The answer to my problem. I can't kneel down due to knee surgery and still want to plant ground covers. I was amazed how easy this was to handle and it worked perfectly. Highly recommend. Sturdy, too!

quick & simple

great for plugging holes for 1 pt. dwarf mondo grass.

Five Stars

The Proplugger is exactly as advertised

Solid and it makes digging plugs easy.

Just arrived this morning. Very solid construction with nice soft handles. To it out to my lawn which is anything but soft turf and like magic it easily made a perfect hole. If you plan on using plugs or making plugs this is the product to purchase.

Five Stars

best thing ever. I used it to get the wild onion growing in my lawn. works great.

Its not a sod plugger...just a glorified bulb planter...

They advertise this as a sod plugger but its really just an over rate bulb planter...I am now getting ready to start growing a yard from seed and had put this away in its unopened box only to find out now its not really what I expected. Since they only have a 30 day return policy I missed the boat and will probably gift it to someone and buy a real sod plugger!

ProPlugger Response: Chris, can you give us some details on your situation (what type of sod you're planting and why the ProPlugger didn't work well)? Were you cutting sod plugs from pieces of sod that you purchased? The only sod we've run into issues with is St Augustine (thus the note "not recommended for St Augustine") and have had good success with Zoysia, Bermuda, buffalo grass etc...
If you can give us more details, it might help us figure out what's going on. Thanks, Bill - ProPlugger

Heavy duty, but heavy and dirt stays stuck in the tube

Well, I've had it for less than a week.. but tried using it today when the sun was out but the ground was still damp... plugged my first few holes for my bulbs and then I was stalled.. the dirt was compacted in the tube and nothing I did was going to get it back out again. I read all the previous reviews and saw comments about dirt getting stuck.. but they all said to just turn it upsisde down and the dirt would come out the opposite side.. Well, I tried that, and nada, nothing! All that dirt is stuck in there and this wonderful back saver (that was my hope anyhow) is heavy, full of dirt and not emptying so that I can make more holes for my bulbs. Stuck!! The rain is coming tomorrow and my wonder garden tool is not so wonderful.. not happy about that.
If I want to continue using this tool, I have to find something to stop and clean out the tube with (and it's heavy and cumbersome). That is Not a time saver... nor is it saving my back..Really bummed.. was hoping for a much better experience.

ProPlugger Response: Hi, We are so sorry to hear you are having clogging issues with your 5-IN-1 Planting Tool. Below are a few tips that might be helpful for you. Since your tube is already clogged - you might start with numbers 3 and 4. 
1. Moisture content of the soil is very important for avoiding clogs. If the soil is too dry or too wet, clogs can happen more often. If the soil is too wet, wait a day or two for the soil to dry out a bit. If the soil is too dry, water the area with a garden sprinkler. The moist ground will also make it much easier to take plugs.
2. If you are getting clogs, try emptying the ProPlugger more often during plugging, before the tube is completely full. This will reduce the weight of the soil in the tube that pushes down on the lowest plugs. This is the most important step to take to reduce clogs.
3. If you do have a tough clog, avoid pushing objects into the tube to dislodge the clog, which can further compact the soil. The best practice is to start by turning the ProPlugger completely upside down and carefully, but firmly tap the top of the tool on level, soft ground to remove plugs.
4. If the tube is still clogged, turn the ProPlugger to the upright position and feed a garden hose down into the top of the tube (wide end of the tube). To speed things up, try gently tapping the clog with the end of the hose as the water is running. A jet nozzle can also add some force to dislodge the clogs more quickly. This should drill or blast the rest of the clog out.
We hope these tips will help you unclog the tool. If you continue to have problems, please contact us through our website. Thanks, Jeannie Carney, ProPlugger

Three Stars

I like it but wish it could dig deeper. Built well.