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was delivered 1 day earlier than commitment., 01-Aug-2015

was delivered 1 day earlier than commitment. A fantastic product. I moved sod plugs from one part of the yard to another in need. About a thousand plugs in little more than a day. Invention by a genius. Very durable product.

What a disappointment. The unit spreads the leaves of the grass ..., 30-Jul-2015

What a disappointment. The unit spreads the leaves of the grass and you end up with a clump of dirt. It is a garage sale item in my garage.

ProPlugger Comment: You might want to try cutting your grass a little shorter than usual in your "donor" area (where you are pulling your transplant plugs). This will keep the blades of grass from laying over so much during the harvesting of the plugs. Also, if your lawn grass is a creeping/spreading type (Zoysia, Bermuda ect...) you should find that the plugs you pulled will still be viable, even though much of the blades were lost during harvest. Remember to water well. Hope this helps. 

Four Stars, 23-Jul-2015

Very good product. Would recommend to others.

Excellent except for making St. Augustine grass plugs, 22-Jul-2015

This tool works more or less as advertised. I give it 5 stars for making holes, but I have to back off from that for the following reason.
I bought it to make holes (which it does an excellent job of) and to make plugs from St. Augustine sod to put in those holes...

ProPlugger Comment: We're sorry for your experience but you're absolutely right. St Augustine has a very loose structure of roots and runners which, after the sod farm removes about 80% of the root system during harvesting, makes it very hard to cut up into plugs using the ProPlugger. We've actually made notes on our Amazon listing as well as our ProPlugger site noting this issue with St Augustine. Works great on most other warm season turf types like Zoysia, Bermuda etc... 

Works as described., 22-Jul-2015

Works good. I have transplanted several Bermuda plugs from good areas of my lawn to bare areas and had them fill in. It is working great even in my hard Georgia clay. Pick your spot, step on it until it is flush with the ground, twist and the plug comes out. It actually works better than I thought it would considering how hard the ground around my house is. If you want make it really easy just water the area you are going to take the plugs from for a few minutes.

They should make an infommercial on this..........only thing, this one delivers!, 19-Jul-2015

I cannot believe how well this item works. Plugs actually fall out like in the picture. As long as the soil is not too wet, the plug will come out of the ground easily and discard from the top when you turn it over. I have heavy wet clay soil (I live in Hawaii) that has been clumping up and also forming pot holes all over my yard for the last several years...

Great tool and made digging fun!, 19-Jul-2015

I liked the pro-plugger because it is so easy to use with the sandy soil that I have. I was able to plant 200 zoysia grass plugs in a three hour span. I would recommend it for new lawns as well as established weedy areas.

Good, but not my first choice for planting Zenith Zoysia plugs, 19-Jul-2015

Works fine most of the time, but if you get a clog you may be in for real project trying to unpack wet clay (rocks, or whatever) from the barrel the ProPlugger .
I've used this when panting hundreds of Zoysia grass plugs, but have since changed to a cordless drill with auger. I'm must faster with the drill and the drill is a lot less strenuous to use. Using the ProPlugger in gravely soil can really slow one down when planting, but the auger will move and kick up the gravel so they can be removed. ...

GREAT DESIGN, 17-Jul-2015

this is really a great plugger. using it on zoysia and is very sturdy and well designed. i was curious how the plugs would come out, they designed the throat tapered so they REALLY come out well. only had for a short time but my guess is it will last for a long while. rings for different depths also work great and fit with the tapered throat.

Five Stars, 12-Jul-2015

The proplugger worked perfect.

Awesome product, 11-Jul-2015

Excellent product. I needed remove grass from a hill that I no longer wanted to mow. Before ripping the grass up I pulled plugs of grass up to repair some damaged area of my lawn. I am happy to say the plugs took and the damaged area filled in very well.

Best Plugger Available, 08-Jul-2015

I've owned and used several different brands and types of pluggers over the years and this one is hands down the best operating one available for low volume home use. You can pull and place 200 plugs an hour and the only time I've had trouble with it cutting and removing the perfect plug was in soil that was a little too wet and getting plugs out of the tube could not be simpler with the tapered tube.

Easy to Use, 06-Jul-2015

Bought as a gift for my mother after purchasing over 300 bulbs for her to plant. Easy to use

Easy to use, does the job easily., 27-Jun-2015

Product does exactly what it intends to do. I was able to plug 4 Inch holes every 4 inches in a relatively small lot in about 2.5 hours. Easy to use and does the job easily.

Five Stars, 24-Jun-2015

Great tool

Lawn Plugger, 21-Jun-2015

Works great but you need a lot of strength to use it. A gentleman who does work for me did not seem to have any problems with it but it does take a lot of muscle. Very sturdy and of good quality. Arrived promptly.

Quality!, 21-Jun-2015

This thing is probably built better than most cars. I have punched several holes and it works as advertised in reasonably soft ground. It is the best I have ever seen and kept clean and oiled, should never have to be replaced.

Five Stars, 20-Jun-2015

great tool

Excellent product for a novice to an experienced/professiional gardner., 18-Jun-2015

Five Stars, 11-Jun-2015

We really like this tool. It's very durable