Product Reviews by Customers

Great for reburbing a northern lawn, 06-May-2017

I did a renovation on my northern lawn last fall that consisted of Kentucky Bluegrass, fescue and rye. There were a few area that didn't fill in and caused some bare spots. I pulled plugs from the KBG area of my lawn that was doing well and used this to transplant them to the bare area. KBG is a spreading grass and this should help the grass fill in quicker. I'll admit I was dubious as this looked like a gimmick but it worked way better than I expected and was easy to use. Make sure you do it when the ground is wet so it's soft. I did mine after a night of rain and it worked great.

Great product! I own and operate a landscape company ..., 01-May-2017

Great product! I own and operate a landscape company and we have used and abused this tool and I now am order two more. If i could give this tool a 10 star I would.

Great for plugging in the garden and lawn, 27-Apr-2017

Well built. Great for plugging in the garden and lawn.

Great plugging tool, 26-Nov-2016

We have a zoysia back yard (thick grass) and I wanted to move some plugs to the front where we have Bermuda grass. This tool is great and efficient. Have the right moisture content in what you're cutting will make it easier.

I've planted hundreds of bulbs in a day with this ..., 06-Nov-2016

I've planted hundreds of bulbs in a day with this. Just don't try it when the ground is baked hard. Wait for a rain to soften it up a bit.

Works OK, 05-Oct-2016

Well made even if a bit pricey. Plugs don't quite slide out though.

Great Product! Easy to Use and Very Durable!, 19-Sep-2016

This is a great tool! Allows me to use plugs to grow grass in new areas. Very easy to use and very durable. One of the best tools I've come across.

Works great for bulbs and patching lawns, 15-Sep-2016

We bought this with the intention of plugging the whole yard. After about an hour we gave up the idea because of the sear magnitude of the job.
If you plan on buying this to plug your entire year just keep in mind the plug created is very small. With exsisting weed seeds present it will be difficult to keep the plugs going.
Product works as advertised but I wouldn't recommend using this product to plug an entire lawn

Fast shipping and good product!, 27-Aug-2016

Fast shipping and good product!

Five Stars, 23-Aug-2016

Worked great, have done over 30 trays of plugs so far!

Four Stars, 19-Aug-2016


Five Stars, 16-Aug-2016

great transition

Saves Times, 13-Aug-2016

Makes quick work of the planting of annuals chore. A back saver. If you have clay soil, it will work but might get clogged.

Buy one if your going to plug, 04-Aug-2016

If your crazy enough to plug a yard...don't be crazy and NOT buy this. The reviews are right. This makes plugging easy. Not enjoyable but easy. They only had a few left and I had to pay extra but it was worth it. You can dig the holes with it, make the plugs with it. I wound up stacking 4-5 sods on top of each other and making 4-5 plugs all at once. Then my wife would dig the holes in the yard. Then you plug them. It's still work but would have been awful if not for this tool. Buy one.

Made in USA, 01-Aug-2016


Works fantastic. I have had it two days and already ..., 31-Jul-2016

Works fantastic. I have had it two days and already done probably 100 plugs. Easy to use and efficient.

Five Stars, 29-Jul-2016

Works great

Functional and sturdy, 27-Jul-2016

I found it to be very functional for planting smaller bulbs with one pass, larger bulbs require widening of the hole with connected passes. No problem in spring or fall clay mixed soil. I've never found the small handheld bulb planters to work as they all seem to bend. This did not. It was okay with attempting to transplant zoya grass if it was cut very short first.

Great for Bulbs but do a Test Run on Sod!, 18-Jul-2016

I live in central Alabama where the ground is hard. ProPlugger works best when ground is well watered or used after a hard rain. We found the Proplugger was great for digging holes for planting bulbs.

We were hoping to also use the Proplugger to add sod plugs within the bare spots of our large yard. Holes were dug the night before. We got up early and bought fresh sod to plug all the holes. However, we quickly found the cutting sod plugs were VERY time consuming. It was very difficult to cut through the sanding sod. We were up against the hot sun. We gave up and just added large hand-torn pieces of sod in the bare spots. We wish we would have purchased a piece of sod and tested the method prior to digging all the holes!

Not good, 18-Jul-2016

Horrible. Used it twice. First time it kept getting plugged but almost made it worthwhile... Almost. Second time it plugged up and never came out. It's laying behind my shed plugged and worthless.

ProPlugger Comment: Sorry about the clogging issues you're having. Can you describe the soil/moisture conditions you're working with? This will help us determine what may be causing the clogging. If we can't diagnose the problem and you would like a full refund, simply contact Amazon and they'll take care of it.