Product Reviews by Customers

Five Stars, 10-Mar-2015

Ready for spring to use it

Awesome, easy-to-use product!, 07-Mar-2015

This is an AWESOME product! I'm 63. and this made planting bulbs super easy for me. My husband and I planted over 100 bulbs last fall, and they're coming up now. I'd never want to use anything else to plant them!

you gotta have it !!, 18-Feb-2015

It`s an absolute must to have,,works great !!

Worth the money!, 14-Feb-2015

Perfect. Does a great job for planting bulbs. Cutting edge may need to be sharpened after use.

Five Stars, 08-Feb-2015

This has been one of the best gardening hand tools I own.

Really simple and it works, 04-Feb-2015

This is an amazing tool that will help you plug, plant, or transfer grass or bulbs! If you water one day ahead of time or just wait for a rain, this tool works as advertised. It's very easy to use and easy to clean. If laying sod or seeding your bare dirt is not an option for you, plugging may be the happy medium and this is by far the easiest was that i have found to do that job. I own a lawn care business and this is quickly becoming one of my favorite tools for installation via grass plug.

Nice and sturdy, 26-Jan-2015

My husband loves his new planting tool. Nice and sturdy!!

Five Stars, 25-Jan-2015

made my mass planting easy and fast

Four Stars, 23-Jan-2015

It works great.

plugs get stuck in tube, 22-Jan-2015

plugs get stuck in tube

This was perfect for planting daffodil bulbs., 22-Jan-2015

This was perfect for planting daffodil bulbs. I used it to plant 400 of them.

Five Stars, 19-Jan-2015

Works better than I could have hoped for. Thanks!

Save your money, 16-Jan-2015

This thing did no work as advertised. I should have tried it out before giving it as a gift a few months later, cause now I can't get a refund. They tried it on St. Augustine. after reading everything online. the burried info tells you don't get this for st augustine. News flash it didn't work on 2 others...

This is the best bulb planter, 13-Jan-2015

This is the best bulb planter, period. Well made and gets the job done fast. If you plant builds or small bedding plants this is the one for you. Doesn't bend like the cheep ones you get in the discount stores. Worth every cent!

Best bulb planter I've used, 08-Jan-2015

Best bulb planter I've used. Quick shipping

Great tool. Cleaver design, 06-Jan-2015

Great tool. Cleaver design.

Yes, you need it!, 04-Jan-2015

Wow, I was able to get all the fall bulbs planted!

Works as advertised. Results vary with grass., 31-Dec-2014

I like how you can transplant grass from a strong area of your yard to a weak area. Due to the way St Augustine grows this didn't work very well for my grass. I was able to use it very easily for plugs. Step twist pull and toss a plug in. I also liked how you can adust the depth for different applications by changing a washer on the main tube shaft.

It works much easier and better than expected, 18-Dec-2014

This is a completely satisfying tool! It works much easier and better than expected. I quickly planted 100 bulbs with it this fall, and it was so easy I plan to plant hundreds more next year. Thank you, ProPlugger, for a great design well executed.

Five Stars, 17-Dec-2014

Worked awesome as long as you followed the directions! Love this!