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  • Coco-Peat Discs - 100 ct (Discontinued)


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    Coco-Peat Discs - 100 ct (Discontinued)
    Coco-Peat Discs - 100 ct (Discontinued)Coco-Peat Discs - 100 ct (Discontinued)Coco-Peat Discs - 100 ct (Discontinued)Coco-Peat Discs - 100 ct (Discontinued)

    Product Code: CPD-100

    Coco peat discs are no longer available. In the absence of these discs, we've found some workarounds that might work for you as well. Whether you're transplanting lawn plugs or weeding out those deep tap-root weeds such as dandelions or wild onions, filling the holes with good organic material is a key to soil health. Here's a couple of methods that we use.