About ProPlugger

As lawn and garden enthusiasts, we appreciate tools that save us time, energy, money, and backaches. In fact, the first ProPlugger design was born out of a desire to fight wild onions springing up in our newly sodded lawn. We wanted a way to eliminate these weeds without using harmful herbicides or digging them out, one-at-a-time, with a shovel. We knew that there had to be a better way and started experimenting with rudimentary "plugger" designs. After several prototypes, the ProPlugger was born and our wild onions were gone. We soon realized that if this new tool could help us, it could be of benefit to others. From this idea, our company was born.

Since the birth of the ProPlugger, we’ve come a long way. Based on our own experimentation in our lawn and garden and our customers' suggestions, the ProPlugger has evolved through several generations of designs, improving its functionality and ease of use. These improvements have also expanded the applications for the ProPlugger. For instance, we found that along with eliminating wild onions, the ProPlugger was effective in eliminating other deep tap root weeds such as dandelions, wild thistle, curly dock and more.

Through our personal struggle with seeding a large section of lawn, we realized that, by shortening the plugging depth of the tube from 3-1/4" to 2", we could quickly transplant sod plugs from the sodded area of our lawn. This innovation saved us a significant amount of time and money. We heard from several customers that they were using the ProPlugger to dig planting holes for their bulbs, but they wondered if we could make the plugging depth deeper -- even up to 6” deep to accommodate larger bulbs. Other folks let us know that it worked great for transplanting ground covers, such as Mondo Grass. We then discovered that the planting holes which the ProPlugger dug were perfect for plants sold in bedding trays – so annuals and ground cover were included in the applications.

The good ideas from customers kept coming. What about using the ProPlugger as a soil sampling tool for annual soil analysis and as a tool for drip-edge tree fertilizing? We tried these ideas ourselves and quickly spread the word. Some of the most rewarding information that we received was that seniors and those suffering from mild arthritis or back pain reported that the ProPlugger allowed them to enjoy gardening again as they were now able to do much of the work from a comfortable standing position.  As a result of all of this valuable feedback, we combined what were formerly two separate ProPlugger designs -- a weeding tool and a sod plugging tool -- into a single, more versatile product. The redesigned tool, aptly named the 5-IN-1 Planting Tool, was introduced in the fall of 2011. Within a year the 5-IN-1 (XL) design was introduced in response to our customers' need for a larger diameter planting hole. Once the XL was developed, the smaller standard 5-IN-1 became unnecessary and was discontinued. 

We are committed to quality and good customer service. Our doors continue to be open to questions, comments, and suggestions from our customers. We also enjoy hearing your success stories and the lawn or garden projects that you’re proud of and would like for us to share with other enthusiasts. Please take a moment to write to us on our Contact Us page.

Happy Plugging!

Bill and Jeannie Carney – Owners


The People Behind ProPlugger

Bill and Jeannie Carney live in a rural community in North Carolina. Married for over 37 years, they have four grown children and five grandchildren. Bill earned his MBA from the University of South Carolina and has 30 years of business experience in manufacturing, sales, and finance, which he brings into running the ProPlugger business. Jeannie, a stay-at-home mom while their children were growing up, now works alongside Bill. Two of the Carney sons, Matt and Tommy have joined the company and run the manufacturing facility in Lancaster, SC.