How to Kill Weeds (with video)

ProPlugger Co - Wednesday, March 28, 2012

wild onionThere are over 750 varieties of onions, many of which grow in the wild, especially in temperate climates in the northern hemisphere. While some people treasure the wild onion as part of their rustic, natural landscape, most of us think of it as a weed and look for ways to eliminate it. 

Wild onions have a waxy coating which covers their stems or foliage. This protective layer makes them nearly impervious to any lasting effects of herbicides by inhibiting absorption needed to carry the poison down into the bulbs and roots below ground.

Physical removal of the entire plant has been the only solution to eliminating this pesky weed, but for most of us, digging each plant out with a shovel (careful to remove all traces of stem, bulb & roots) is not practical. The video below shows a new method of dealing with these weeds. 

Eliminate Wild Onions (& other deep-tap-root weeds)

Wild Onions vs Wild Garlic

Wild onion and wild garlic are perennials which means they keep coming back...year after year. They are similar in appearance and can often be confused with one another. Both have leafless stems (Scapes) that grow from underground bulbs, however, the stems of wild onion are somewhat flat in shape, whereas wild garlic have more rounded, hollow stems. The bulbs of wild garlic also have a thin membrane covering them, while the bulbs of wild onion do not.

Using Herbicides to Kill Wild Onions

Wild onion and garlic stems have a protective waxy coating making traditional chemical control difficult. Even the use of Glysophate (RoundUp™) produces only marginal results.

Improved results have been observed when a small length of the waxy outer coating on the plant stems have been scraped away prior to application. This practice allows the chemical to breach the protective outer waxy layer, improving the chances of killing the entire plant, including the bulbs and roots.

How to Kill Wild Onions and Wild Garlic (Birth of the ProPlugger)

The first ProPlugger was actually born out of a desperate attempt to control wild onions. We sprayed herbicides, applied pre-emergents and tried digging them out using various weeding tools. The herbicide and pre-emergent was fairly ineffective and digging each out by hand was time consuming and back breaking.

In desperation, we asked a 30-year landscape veteran if he knew a way to eliminate wild onions and garlic, hoping for some secret weapon in his arsenal of landscape expertise.

"Absolutely!" he replied. "Got a shovel?". The ProPlugger was born a year later.

Kill Wild Onion & Wild Garlic Using the ProPlugger

One of the best ways to get rid of wild onion or wild garlic is to remove the entire plant using the new 5-IN-1 Planting Tool. The ProPlugger is simple to operate: position the plugger over the onion or garlic stems, step down firmly on the footpegs, give a slight twist to the handles and pull up. The ProPlugger can pull plugs as deep as 6", improving the chances of getting the entire weed...stem, bulb, roots and all.

After you pull the plug, pouring or spraying a little common household white vinegar down in the hole can help take care of any remaining small fragments of bulb or root. 

See how easy the ProPlugger is to use

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