Plant Bulbs The Easy Way With ProPlugger (with video)

ProPlugger Co - Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Keukenhof HollandNothing's as pleasing as a spectacular mass of colorful tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. Getting those bulbs in the ground is another story. Planting those bulbs is hard on the ol' back, knees and other joints.

There is an easier way..

Much easier. The new ProPlugger 5-IN-1 Planting Tool is the garden tool gardeners have been waiting for. The 5-IN-1, when used as a bulb planting tool, will allow you to prepare a hole for planting a bulb without your knees ever touching the ground! In fact, you can even plant small to medium sized bulbs from a standing position. You'll be surprised at how easy it is to plant one bulb or one hundred, with the 5-IN-1.

Seeing is believing:

bulb planting tool

Adjust the plugging depth of the ProPlugger to the recommended bulb depth found on the bulb packaging. This is easily accomplished with the depth rings included with the 5-IN-1(right). They slip over the bottom of the tool and adjust to either a depth of 2, 4 or 6 inches when no depth ring is used.

Position the ProPlugger over the area you wish to plant a bulb. Push the tool into the ground by stepping down on the footpegs, letting your body weight and gravity do most of the work.

Digging bulb planting holes with the ProPlugger 5-IN-1 Planting Tool

When the tool is inserted deep enough so that the metal depth ring is resting on the soil (left), give the handlebars a slight twist. The 5-IN-1 will store this plug in the shaft of the bulb planter. Now you're ready to pull another plug of soil. Note: if you run into large roots or rocks, simply move the tool to another spot and sink it into the soil.

The ProPlugger will hold up to a dozen plugs, allowing you to quickly pull plugs without having to empty each one. No other upright bulb planter can do this.

When the bulb planter is full of plugs, simply turn it over and the plugs will slide right out. You can put one plug by each hole where you're going to drop a bulb or empty all of them in a bucket or wheelbarrow.

Sprinkle in the recommended amount of bone meal or bulb fertilizer in the hole you've created followed by a little soil so that the bulb does not come into direct contact with the fertilizer.

Drop a bulb into the hole, pointed tip facing upward..

Fill in the hole with the plug of soil you removed.

Firm the soil with your foot.

It really is that easy. With this unique and versatile garden tool you can make short work of planting numerous bulbs, a job that may have required hours in the past. Now that you've made short work of that job you can sit back and wait for your own show of color.

Planting Bulbs from a Standing Position

That's right, with the ProPlugger, you can plant small to medium sized bulbs, all from a standing position.

Here's how:

    Bulb Planter

    Pull your soil plug and empty it next to your newly plugged planting hole (left).

    Position the 5-IN-1 back over the hole to act as a planting guide.

    Drop in the recommended amount of bone meal or your favorite bulb fertilizer down the inside of the tube (lower right). Next, drop a little loose soil down the tube and then drop in your bulb (pointy side or "eye" pointing to the sky).

    With your foot, push the soil back into the hole and firm over by

    lightly tamping the area with your foot. Mission

    bulb planter


    Why Is It Called a 5-IN-1?

    So you're probably wondering why the ProPlugger is dubbed a "5-IN-1" tool. Yes, there are at least 4 more uses for this unique garden tool....if not more.

    Use it to transplant healthy turf grass from one area of your lawn to repair bare spots in another section of your lawn. It can also be used to cut out plugs from purchased sod.

    It also is great for quickly digging planting holes for your favorite annualsground covers or bedding plants that come in cell packs or plug trays.

    Remove those pesky weeds like dandelions and wild onions.

    Use it for laying out and planting border grasses for a nice winding borders around planting beds or for a path through the garden

    It also makes a great soil sampling tool for soil analysis as well as a drip edge tree fertilizing tool.

    How-to Tips for Planting Bulbs

    Always purchase bulbs that are firm, not soft or sprouting.

    Know how deep to plant different types of bulbs by reading the recommended depth on the package or in a garden reference book.

    Plant in a mass or scatter about a yard for a natural look.

    If you're worried about rodents digging up your bulbs, use a granular bulb fertilizer, instead of bone meal in the bottom of the planting hole.

    Neil Moran is a horticulturist and author of three books on gardening. He is also the creator and author of the garden blog North Country Gardening

    Video: Planting Bulbs From a Standing Position

    Video: Planting Larger Bulbs

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