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Worked just fine in Texas black clay

Used this for planting Jasmine plugs in Texas black clay. It had been two days since the last rain and it worked perfect. I used one of the large washer to set the depth and could plant a flat of 18 in under 10 minutes. I turned the tool upside down and easily knocked all the clay out. I'm quite happy with this purchase.

Very pleased with the pro-plugger.

Very pleased with the pro-plugger. Currently using it to plug St. Augustine. Even though it is not recommended for this type of grass, careful placement over stolons containing nodes will ensure proper plugging technique.


16-Apr-2019   bruce dickerson meridian ms.

don't listen to anyone who say this product does not work. best tool ever! 

Hi Bruce, Thank you so much for your review! We're so glad that the ProPlugger has your recommendation! All the best, Bill and Jeannie Carney

Totally Satisfied with my ProPlugger tool

14-Apr-2019   Happy in West Knoxville Tennessee
My yard was over run with wild onions (or garlic). I had just fired my 2nd lawn service company - they both promised to eliminate my wild onions (using herbicides) and failed miserably while taking considerable quantities of my money over 5 years. I had researched how to kill the onions with chemicals and stumbled on the ProPlugger. Frankly, I had considered digging them up to be impractical given their shear number. I was a bit leery of the ProPlugger as some users had complained of the plugs jamming/sticking in its tube. Anyhow, I bought one this week and cleared my front yard in less than a day. I have twice filled my Rubbermaid 7.5 cu-ft yard card with plugs containing wild onions just from my front yard! I was shocked at how easy and fast the ProPlugger made my job. The plugs would fill the barrel (tube) and once full, I merely had to invert it and all but the last plug would just slide out of the barrel into my cart. I'd just resume going after more onions and that last plug would then be pushed up the barrel by the next plug. Only 3 times did a plug stick in the tube and I easily removed it with a jetting nozzle on my garden hose. FYI, I'd say I have clayey soil and it was fairly moist from recent rains but, happily, the soil was fairly soft and yet didn't stick and jam inside the barrel. I'd say that if I waited until a drier period, the soil would probably be too hard to penetrate with just my body weight to drive it. I did hit many embedded gravel-like stones but they did not seem to damage the cutting edge of the barrel. The ProPlugger is a sturdy, durable and very effective/efficient tool for surgically removing wild onions. I am 100% satisfied with my ProPlugger and so glad I decided to give it a try. Oh and, it's made in the USA - what could be better!

Dear Happy in TN, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review. We are thrilled that the ProPlugger worked well in removing your wild onions! One little tip that might help in keeping wild onions/garlic from coming back where a little bulb or root was missed is to squirt vinegar down into the hole before you fill it with soil. It's good to hear that you did not have a real clogging issue and when you did, you were able to clear out the clog with the jet nozzle. Many thanks, Bill and Jeannie Carney

Very good tool

It worth every penny

Great tool!

12-Apr-2019   Gary C.
Great tool for a good price! Works great! Quick delivery!

Hi Gary, Thank you for your review - we really appreciate it! We're happy to hear that the ProPlugger is working well for you. Happy Planting! Bill and Jeannie Carney

Amazing product!

12-Apr-2019   Betsy G.

I ordered my proplugger from your website on Wednesday and received it Thursday morning. I am almost 71 years old and started working after lunch. By supper time I had removed all of the onions and dandelions from our front yard. I found that if I emptied the plugger after 2 plugs it didn’t get too heavy.i filled 3 large buckets full of plugs. I highly recommend this product. I can’t wait to get started on my back yard!❤️

Hi Betsy, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review and giving your recommendation. We are happy to hear that the ProPlugger worked well for you and appreciate your tip on emptying the tool after two plugs to keep it from getting too heavy. Best wishes on your backyard wild onion plugging! Bill and Jeannie Carney

Clever invention

Fantastic piece of kit. Very easy to use; very well made. Fast hassle free delivery from USA to Northern Ireland through Amazon.

Love my new toy!

Outstanding product! Makes gardening even more fun! I highly recommend this product to anyone but especially those with bad backs, knees, hips etc!

Well made and well designed

Quality material and a great design. Easy to use

Perfect for planting started seedlings

Plants started in 2 inch cups transplant very efficiently with the Pro Plugger.

OMG amazing garden tool!!!!

AMAZING!!!! Safe your back & knees. This is the best tool I’ve EVER bought for planting. It’s is extremely well built.

It really works!

I love this “bulb” hole digger! I have used it to dig holes in semi-soft clay, normal soil, and tilled garden soil. It worked super on all of them. I also used it to dig up dandelions because I don’t like my husband spraying them. Worked great. And the depth rings are a great feature.

Great for my back!

I love this item! It cuts through tough surfaces with fair ease. Really like the 2 depth choices. Fast!

Game Changer!

Works great, makes planting flowers a breeze. If the ground is wet it can clog in the tube, but otherwise works perfectly.

Rugged, durable and inexpensive.

Amazing. After using it, I'd pay 5x for it. I planted onions and garlic for 2 days on my knees, aggravating my back. Then the best thing happened, that stupid spring action hand planter from the big box stores bent and became unusable. That was half the bed I was planning and I spent about 6 hours doing it. I ordered the ProPlugger. Arrived today and I went out to test it, with no intention to finish. I figured it out, read the 2 pieces of paper it came with. Got my things together and finished the bed in less than 30 minutes. This thing, saving me 5.5 hours of work, has already paid for itself. I have 4 more beds of equal size. With the ProPlugger, I'll be done in an afternoon. Awesome 👍. It's rugged and durable. I expect an absolute minimum of 15 years from the tool based on it's construction. Over the life time of the tool, I'll probably save myself 1500 hours. Can't beat that for 40 bucks anywhere.

ProPlugger requires pro hopping

Does the product work? Yes. In my case my yard is for the most part soft soil but it has it's areas of harder top soil. I found myself doing a lot of hopping for the better part of an afternoon to put in new zoysia plugs. It's done the trick but this tool come benefit from being about 2 inches taller from handle to foot pegs. I'm 6' 3" and there was no way to place my knee below the handle and get a clean push down with my foot. Not a bad product by any means but a taller version would be well received I think.

Great for soil sampling and wild onion removal

I bought the “irregular” version direct from pro plugger. I can’t really tell what cosmetic flaws it has but it looks and works perfectly to me. I’ve only had it for about a week but it works incredibly well. I already pulled dozens or soils samples across my 12k sqft of grass. I enjoyed using it so much that after sampling I found some wild onions and plugged them all out of my lawn and threw them in the woods. It’s very well built. It feels like it will last a lifetime. I’m very happy with this tool.

Terrible for clay soil!

This item is terrible for clay soil. I read numerous reviews on how it would work but all of my soil is stuck in the tubing and despite numerous attempts can’t get it out. Save yourself some money and don’t bother!

Easy to use

Nice quality