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I tried this plugger / weeder this morning and it works GREAT.

I tried this plugger / weeder this morning and it works GREAT. I was surprised at first and now I am a believer. This old red Clay here in Stokes County works fantastic in it. The money was right too. I am sure I will get many years of service out of this tool. QUALITY!! ***** stars

Worth every penny

Heavy Duty! Works like a charm. I wish I would have had one sooner!

Not for clay

This does not work well in clay soil. Even just a single plug gets stuck in the tube and does not come out, no matter how hard you press. Frustrating.

ProPlugger Response: We're very sorry the ProPlugger did not work well in your clay soil. Generally the cause of clogging is soil that is too wet or too dry. The soil plug that is at the end of the tube does not slide out easily by itself because of the tapered end. It may need a push with your finger or you can take another plug and the first plug will usually slide out of the tube.

No more back strain

The plugger made adding grass plugs to my lawn easy. I was done in no time. Planting flower bulbs will be a snap now. Plus clean up was quick.

Worked Great!

This saved me so much pain while planting grass plugs! Well worth the spend

It is not durable.

I got it yesterday, and I used it on my backyard. First, I was so happy with this tool because it generated small cylinder-like sod on and on. I dig some holes and also dig some grass cylinders, then put them in the holes. It was very easy.
If I had finished just little repair of my yard, I would've given 5 stars on this product. However, just after 2 cycles of dig and fill, stuck in the tool inside. I found digging edge area deformed to little bit wider, so I hammered it from outer side in order to make digging circle smaller. It worked, but after a while, it happened again. I think this material is little bit soft for digging dirt and soil. I saw it was made of stainless steel, but I think the manufacturer should've done a thermal treatment on the digging edge of this tool, or added a surface treatment on that area. This is not worth for the price.

ProPlugger Response:  
We’re very sorry to hear that your ProPlugger didn’t work well for you. For best results, make sure you plug in moist soil, not soil that is overly wet or dry to prevent clogging. Sometimes inadvertently hitting a rock while plugging can cause damage to the cutting edge. Please send your tool back for a full refund if you haven’t already.

this tool is amazing!

As an 81-year-old gardner who just ordered 100+ bulbs, I was thinking I'd have to hire help for planting. This hole-plugger makes the task easy not only for bulbs but for annuals, too! It's a bit heavy, but that's why it works, and the foam handle and foot steps make it easy to work.

sod plugger

being 70+years do not take it lightly when I say I was more than pleased with the product

Sturdy and Versatile, made in USA

I purchased this product for 39.99 and it shipped free with prime. I used this tool to easily make holes in my clay Georgia lawn for zoysia plugs. The clay would sometimes get clogged but it’s easy enough to unclog. I hesitated to buy this because I felt the price was too high for a tool like this. Now I feel it’s a great value!! It is SO MUCH easier to make holes for plants; I don’t have to get on my hands and knees or even bend over. I’ve also started to use it for putting in smaller plants in my plant beds. It can make a hole 2”, 4” or 6” deep which makes it more versatile. This thing is very well made! It is made in the USA by the family that invented it. They made it right with a long lasting sturdy metal construction. Overall I’m very happy with this purchase and the hard labor it has spared my back! If you are on the fence like I was I say buy it. You’ll be glad you did.

it works!

Worked great as advertised - dug 60+ holes for garlic in less than 10 minutes!

Sturdy Well Made Tool that Works

Very simple to use and actually works as advertised. Great tool. Made short work of some sod plug planting and even good enough to do some teams plants from within same yard.

I planted 40 bulbs in under 90 minutes

Ridiculously easy to use. I thought it would be one of those 'too good to be true' but it actually works very well.

easy to use

I ordered it for my husband. He loves it says it’s very easy to use

It Works!

19-Apr-2019   Eric Burgdorf
I was able to dig 60+ holes for garlic sets without bending over in less than 10 minutes. This tool is worth every penny for a seasoned citizen!

Hi Eric, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We're so happy to hear that the ProPlugger was a help in planting your garlic sets. We wish you a plentiful harvest!  Bill and Jeannie Carney


brilliant brilliant brilliant

Great price and functionality

It worked well. No issues

Don’t know how I lived without it!

Multiple uses. Grass, plants, in and out. Don’t know how I lived without this thing. Works as described.

Very pleased.

Very pleased. The ProPlugger greatly exceeded my expectations. I was concerned about it working in hard Georgia clay but it worked great and made planting grass plugs very easy. In addition, tried clearing a large area of crabgrass. Completed in a matter of minutes without bending over. Very Pleased!

Great product, but hard to remove clay if it's wet

Great product, but hard to remove clay if it's wet. Beats bending by 1000% :)

This tool is outstanding

I am using it to convert my fescue lawn into a bermuda. It works amazingly. I dig 5-7 times into the ground and remove fescue and replace it with my bermuda from the other side.. I replace the bermuda holes with the fescue...
The bottom edge has a slightly sharpened groove so it goes in easy and to remove the plugs, turn it upside down!