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Does not work in heavy clay

Absolutely does not work in heavy clay of North Carolina. Plugs get stuck in the long cylinder and eventually are impossible to get out. Eventually had to throw it away. Works fine in more sandy soil.

ProPlugger response: We're very sorry you had issues with the ProPlugger. The tool was developed and tested out in North Carolina. Moisture content in the soil is the key to working in heavy red clay as well as emptying the tool when it's less than half full. The last plug does not easily fall out of the tube because of tapered end, but if you dump out the other soil plugs, you can usually start plugging again and that plug will move up the tube. If the last plug is still stuck. use a spray nozzle on the end of a hose to clear it. Pushing an implement into the tool to remove the clog can cause the clog to further compact. Cleaning out the tube with water after use, will keep the dried clay from causing clogs the next time you use it.

Works exactly as advertised

I have very dense soil and it pull and released plugs with little effort. I was very surprised that they just slid out, even with the tub full. The depth ring might take a hammer to get off after using it but I don’t plan on using the 2” deep plug ring anyway. I’m impressed.


What a great design idea! I just finished planting my Zoysia plugs to repair spots in my yard. The ProPlugger 5-in-1 made my task so very easy...I highly recommend this product. Kudos to the family who created this tool. Thank you.

Good Buy

works good

This ProPlugger is awesome

This ProPlugger is awesome. It really performs the job. Didn't have any problems at all with clogging! I used it to plant over 90 separate annuals and knocked it out in no time (well an afternoon anyway). I highly recommend this product and look forward to planting tulip bulbs this fall with it. I couldn't imagine how much longer it would have taken using my hand held spades to do the job.

Quality and ease of use at a Decent Price.

I bought this plugger and it does exactly as described. I am amazed at the ease of use and how it actually operated in a clay soil here in the Piedmont of North Carolina. I works an I totally recommend this great tool for transferring plugs and using it to rid my yard of weeks like Dandelion's and Wild Onions.


As advertised great product

Just Buy It

If I could give it more stars I would. I have had multiple pluggers and none of them would work for me. I was purchasing sod to make my own plugs but I was wanting to plug from existing zoysia. I decided to give the ProPlugger a chance and was thrilled that I did. The ProPlugger works like a charm. I'm now able to cut plugs from my existing lawn and plug elsewhere with ease. When I was purchasing sod I had resorted to a spade bit and hand drill. While I was using the ProPlugger a neighbor stopped by and asked me about it. I told her to give it a try. After doing 3 plugs she purchased one as well. I love that you can adjust the depth of the plug. I have no doubt that it would be super easy to use to plant bulbs.

In conclusion, don't waste money on other pluggers. If you are wanting a heavy duty and easy to use tool for plugs or bulbs, then this is it.

Good value

It was as described and I used it for replacing bald spots in the lawn

Sod plugs small

I am impressed with the build of the tool very well constructed from I can see this tool will last , its doesn't have week weld joints that will break apart. The reason I gave a 4 star is I primarily wanted a sod plugger tool , and it preformed well , the limitation is the size of the plug a 3" plug was too small requiring a lot of labor to cover a big area .

Greatest Yard Tool Ever

17-May-2019   Larry Fountain - Dunwoody, GA
I am a senior citizen and I am simply amazed at the ease in using the proplugger. It is almost effortless and does a fantastic job! It is one of the greatest yard tools I have ever used. Whoever designed it is "one smart dude.". I actually look forward to using mine whenever I need plugs from my St. Augustine Lawn.

Hi Larry, Thank you so much for your kind review. We're happy to hear that your ProPlugger is working well for you and that you've been able to transplant St. Augustine plugs from your lawn. Let us know if we can answer any questions. Happy Planting! Bill and Jeannie Carney

As advertised


Does what it says

I use this to take plugs of grass from the yard. It does this effortlessly and efficiently.

Great tool

Very sturdy and works well.

Great item

Great item. Used to help remove poa annua from lawn and to plant flowers and bulbs.

Worth the purchase

This thing is super easy to use and makes planting plug quick and easy

Best tool ever

Works perfectly and easily in all soil conditions


14-May-2019   Candace Fitzgerald
Pleasantly surprised to open the box and find such a quality product. Sadly, we have grown accustomed to junk.This is real steel! Works great and very satisfied.

Hi Candace, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We're so happy to hear that you are pleased with the quality of the tool and that it's working well for you. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Happy Planting! Bill and Jeannie Carney

Lawn repair!

My husband and I have been discussing changing over our lawn from bluegrass/ fescue to zoysia. And hesitated because of the physical work involved. We had a lot of lawn damage this past season. Too hot then not enough water followed by flooding rains. We decided we would start with a few plugs, and gradually let it take over the lawn. This lawn plugger was a god send. We measured the depth of the plugs, used the tool to dig the holes and dropped the plugs in. It has only been a week, and the plugs are growing. Totally thrilled with this tool.

Earn money with this product.

Did everything manufacturer said it would and more. Neighbors impressed. Thinking about hiring myself (and the ProPlugger) out to earn some spending money.

Seriously, worth every penny. Great for plugging well established St. Augustine plugs to another section of my yard. Some have indicated that the ProPlugger would not work with this grass but I have done it successfully and without a single plug failing to root. Just keep the soil moist and soon you will see the grass beginning to spread.