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I Use Mine at School

I’m using it plug a high school practice field with Bermuda. I’m pulling plugs from the side and plugging the middle. I’m using the dirt from the middle to fill the holes where I pulling the grass. It’s working very well. It’s sturdy and makes the job much easier. One of the things it does is cut down on bending over to pick up and place plugs. You do have to bend over to place the plugs, obviously, but it cuts out bending over to pick up individual plugs. I like it a lot. I’ve used it in my yard as well with zoysia.

Great Tool

This tool works great. It is easy to dig perfect holes to transplant grass to areas where you may have bald spots. If you want to plant bulbs or plugs I recommend this tool.

Five Stars

Works great. Very sturdy. I used for plugging zoysia grass.

Great little tool!

this is a fabulous tool!!! it is very easy to use and I would highly recommend!!!

Five Stars

Great product

Good tool to plug lawn though its hole is smaller ...

Good tool to plug lawn though its hole is smaller than what I expected. Still a good tool for patching lawn..

Recommended purchase

Pro plugger works better than I expected. I had several bare spots and plugged 30+ Bermuda Plugs with minimal work. Solid built and easy to use. Just step on foot pegs, twist, and pull up. It will store plugs inside tube. I wish I would have purchased sooner.


I absolutely LOVE it!! It makes the work so much easier.

This is a great way to make holes for planting grass plugs

This is a great way to make holes for planting grass plugs. It goes quick and easy. I have neighbors that want to borrow it!

One of the best garden tools I know of

One of the best garden tools I've bought. This year, I've separated many bulbs and day lilies. This ProPlugger has made replanting them extremely easy.

Very Well Made and Easy to Use

I’ve tried seeding and patch mix to fix an area of my front yard that has never had much grass. After failing at growing grass I decided to try plugs. The Pro Plugger is extremely well made, and is an easy to use tool for pulling grass plugs and filling in the holes. This is zoysia grass so I am not anticipating a quick fix, but so far after transplanting 50 or so plugs I am encouraged that this is the ultimate solution.

Five Stars

Great product. Works best if you dampen the soil, had to learn the hard way.

Very easy to use

Works as advertised. Very easy to use.

Easy to use and doesn’t screw up your work

I read the description several times and took a chance to purchase Proplugger. I have large garden and yard and it has performed just as the add said it would. Great performance with very little work

Easy to use

Very simple product that works fantastically. So much easier than other types I've used. Worth the price.

One Star

The plugs it cuts turn out to be way to small for transplanting. I should have returned it.

The best for Zoysia plugs

If you are planning Zoysia plugs this is the best yard Butler just don't have it.

I just love the ProPlugger

I just love the ProPlugger. I was able to put my vegetable garden in in less than half the time!

Worth every penny

This plugger works so much better than I imagined. It is extremely sturdy and easy to use.

Great product

Love it depending on soil keep plugs in tube rather than dumping all out at once easy to use