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Does not work as advertised with St. Augustine grass

I read the warnings from others with using this on St. Augustine grass. However, I still bought it. I followed the directions, but all of my plugs died. I had one leftover price that wasn't cut with this tool. I planted it and it's still alive. This cuts the plugs too small to allow them to survive.

ProPlugger Response: We don't recommend using the ProPlugger for St Augustine grass as it's difficult to pull enough viable material due to St Augustine's loose structure. We have two warnings contained in our listing to that effect. 

Exactly what I was looking for & great price

Perfect for plugging & planting grass plugs

This tool is the best for plugging zoysia grass

This tool is the best for plugging zoysia grass I would imagine it would plug any type of grass because Zoysia grass is very dense it is easier to plug if it has recently rained or if the ground is somewhat wet

This tool is just magnificent

This tool is just magnificent i was able to plug my front lawn and it was the easiest task i have experienced in repairing brown spots. I recommend that anyone who repairs their lawn has to have a proplugger

Best price for this tool on the market

Looked, but could not find the irregularity. Works like a champ. Sturdy. Just frustrated that something as simple as a pipe with foot and hand pedals cost so much as it does.

Great Plugger

Fastest shipping I have seen. Can't find any imperfections. Great tool great price.

Option to use your grass.

Being able to use your grass is a good thing.

Works as advertised

Excellent tool

Worth all the 5 stars

17-Aug-2018   H.V.
First I received it in less than 48 hrs. I immediately took it outside to see how it works I pulled 15/16 plugs (Bermuda grass) in just a couple minutes. Transplanted all the plugs, plus refilled all the holes left in the grass in less than 10 minutes. This from a 77 yr old man. Plan to get a couple hundred tomorrow

ProPlugger Response: Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review. We are so happy the 5-IN-1 Planting Tool worked well for you. Best wishes with your bermuda planting project! Bill and Jeannie

Great tool

We bought this to pull plugs from other parts of our yard to fill in where we lost our grass because of a flood. And this is the best tool I could find and it works great and it is so easy to use. I'm glad I bought this one I looked and read reviews on a lot of the plug tools and you will not go wrong with this one if you need to fix your yard from spots that does not have grass this is the way to go.

Easy to use and seems durable

I'd looked at several plugging tools after we put down buffalo grass sod and they all seemed to be very flimsy and had many reviews that they didn't last long. This tool seems like it is constructed well enough and has a very simple concept that shouldn't break. The tube tapers from skinniest at the end to the wides at the top. So you can stack multiple plugs at once. So that is super convenient. You pull several plugs, tip the tool upside down and they come out. No ejecting them...etc. I've used it on about 50 plugs so far. The plugs are a bit large, but once you fill them back in with dirt, the buffalo grass should fill them right back in if you do it during growing season.

Planted 144 pachysandra plugs super fast. I was concerned with it getting clogged

Planted 144 pachysandra plugs super fast. I was concerned with it getting clogged. It emptied effortlessly. Built to last. Glad I purchased it.

A great grass plugger


It works just like it is advertised. It will same me money as I can take plugs of grass from a good area and start them in a bare area.

    Sharp cuts, never clogged

    Used it to make Zoysia plugs from a roll of sod and transplant into my yard (mostly clay soil) just a few days after heavy rainfall. The tool didn't clog once! It took me just a few minutes to make and plant 20 plugs at a time. The most time consuming part of the operation was filling the holes with top soil because the shallow depth hole (smaller ring) was still deeper than the depth of the sod plug.

    Excellent tool

    This tool made plugging a breeze. I am so glad I bought it and was unable to find anything wrong with it. Buy with confidence!!

    No headline

    For me at 78 this looked like something I could use to remove weeds from my lawn instead of getting down on my hands and knees. But there is no way I could hop on it without falling down, I did try a few times. Please advise me on returning it. I guess there are somethings I just can’t do any more. I’m rating it a five star for younger people to use.

    Awesome tool

    I love this. No more being on my knees planting bulbs. It is well made and very sturdy

    Great plugger!

    Great tool! Made great plugs holes and plugs from sod. Since the plugger was the same size, plugs were easy to put in. The plugs I made were a little smaller then the holes, but easy fix with peat moss and soil.

    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND making all your holes first! That way once you make all your plugs, you can plant them. One sod makes over 164 plugs. There will be extra pieces of sod that can be cut into sizable plugs with clippers. Also recommend watering the land that you want to make holes in prior to making holes. Wet holes are easier to make then dry holes. But not saturated. Depending on how many plug holes you make, you’ll have a lot of dirt. Find a situation or place to dispose of it.

    Yes. A good buy.

    This thing is the bomb. When you start to get old and your body hurts, and you're wondering how the F am I going to plant things in my yard… This thing has saved my ass so many times. Not only can you plant bulbs and seeds…easily!!! But you can replant dead portions of your yard with healthy portions of your yard . What more can you ask for?

    I Use Mine at School

    I’m using it plug a high school practice field with Bermuda. I’m pulling plugs from the side and plugging the middle. I’m using the dirt from the middle to fill the holes where I pulling the grass. It’s working very well. It’s sturdy and makes the job much easier. One of the things it does is cut down on bending over to pick up and place plugs. You do have to bend over to place the plugs, obviously, but it cuts out bending over to pick up individual plugs. I like it a lot. I’ve used it in my yard as well with zoysia.