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"Listen up guys!! It is so refreshing to find a product that works EXACTLY as promised. I also have used the 3" square sod plugger to transplant zoysia to my front lawn. Yes, it was labor-intensive but I don't mind hard work. But, it is much more fun and 1000 times faster with Bill's Proplugger. Thank you Bill. I can easily transplant 200+ plugs per hour all by myself. Wow, wow, wow! Best thing since sliced bread!"

I now plug for fun!!!

"I bought zoysia 4 years ago with the idea that I would save money and spread it to other areas of my yard by using one of those common 4 inch square pluggers. If any of you have ever used one of those things, you understand how absolutely terrible they are. They are hard to remove plugs, hard to pull from the ground, and are incredibly time intensive. I gave up on my idea of spreading my lawn until I bought this product. HOLY COW!!!!! I am absolutely blown away with how simple it is."

Works great

I don't want the kids rolling around in pesticides so I bought this and have been using it to remove broadleaf weeds in my yard. It's so satisfying to cut them out with this, almost addictive. They also offer "coco-peat" plugs to put in the hole left by the weeder.

Superb product: works just as advertised

"I bought this ProPlugger product based largely on the 'word of mouth' advertisement and the information on the website and have not been disappointed! The tool is extremely easy to use, pulls lots of plugs very quickly and these are then a breeze to plug into the desired areas."

Great Design!

I was a bit skeptical regarding the ease of use of this product. Specifically, the way the videos show the plugs just sliding out of the tube effortlessly. I was skeptical because of my experience with the Yard Butler plug tool, and the fact that we have very heavy clay in our yard. But after trying the Pro Plugger, I'm amazed!

Works as advertised!


"I had a major problem with grass growth along the border of a large garden area. However, my grass in 95% of my other lawn areas was in perfect condition. I was reading through options on repairing this area and I stumbled on to the Proplugger..."

Fantastic Tool For Dandelion Control!

I have been using the ProPlugger for a few weeks now and I am thrilled with the results. I am very uneasy putting chemicals onto my lawn since they affect wildlife, well water, and I have a dog who roams the yard and I don't want him exposed.

Worth It's Weight in Gold!

"I bought the Model 200 Plugger to plug Zoysia sod in my yard. So far I have used it to plant about 2000 sod plugs and some of the plugs are already showing signs of growth. The Plugger is well made and it has worked flawlessly. How many tools can you say that about?"

A great tool you don't want to be without...

"It's about time a company came out with a product like this. The description and workings of this item were right on target. The ProPlugger makes plugging those barren spots in my yard so easy. Getting to the root of those pesky weeds and irritating wild onions is a breeze with the ProPlugger. I highly recommend this item!"

This is the only way to plug a lawn.

"My husband and I bought the standard square plugger from Lowes to plug our front yard with Zoysia about three years ago. The thing worked, but it's a good thing our yard is small because the process was extremely labor intensive and terribly slow. Now we're preparing to plug our backyard and were so pumped to find a new, improved plugger!"