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Handy little tool!

I initially ordered this to transplant dwarf mondo to another property. It works exactly as described & the lengths of the plug can be varied by used brass rings provided. In my case it actually will be easier to but little plants but I will definitely use this to plug the holes that the plants will go in. High quality, sturdy, and easy for a 5'4 120 lb woman to do on her own!

Love it.

Very easy to use. Sturdy. Works well making plugs out of my grass for transplant. Highly recommend it for that purpose.

This tool is a back saver!


Great Experience with St Augustine and the ProPlugger 5-IN-1

I just received my 5-IN-1 ProPlugger and am happy to report that it worked extremely well cutting plugs from Raleigh variety St Augustine sod pieces. Raleigh variety St Augustine, which is very popular here in Texas, may be a bit finer textured than some other varieties, which may help explain why I had such a good experience versus other reports. I cut 350 plugs today (grass side up) and all of them were perfect. I then used the ProPlugger to cut 350 holes in my Bermuda lawn, and transplanted these plugs into them. My plan is to have the St Augustine take over the Bermuda, as the Bermuda is not very shade tolerant and has developed bare spots under the trees. I was amazed at how easily the plugs fell out of the 5-IN-1. This is one awesome tool. Doing all this work today, while standing up for most of it, made this purchase well worth the price. I highly recommend it.


This tool is great for getting onions out of you lawn. Took care of the onions in no time. Highly recommend.

Great tool!


Totally Awesome Lawn Plugger, Root Remover, Weed Puller, Bulb Planter

WOW!...Totally Awesome Lawn Plugger, Root Remover, Weed Puller, Bulb Planter. Very well made in the U.S.A. solid metal with rubber grips... My first job with this tool was removing a kitchen size trash can full of wild onions from my flower bed, next it will be used for making bulb holes.

works great

This works great for my yard to replug the zoyzia grass that i planted years ago...purchased two of them so we could work on the plug and transplant at same time...

best one out there

awesome. I've used (and broken) so many bulb planters. This one is a brilliant, simple design, and is strong enough to easily get through our Ohio clay. The tapered design makes it so that you don't have to empty it until the whole thing fills up. And it just tips out the top. No more struggling to expel hard clay plugs.

Very satisfied with 5-IN-1 Planting Tool

The 5-IN-1 planting tool performed for me just as advertised. I have only used it for a couple days, but have had no problems at all. I plugged monkey grass and the tool do not clog up once. Extremely satisfied.

Great tool!

Worked well even in our clay/loam soil to plant fall bulbs. It's sturdy, doesn't bend like others I've used, and is a job quickly done. The plugs that pop out of the top can go right back in on top of the bulbs once they are planted. I've planted many bulbs in my life and this method is by far the most satisfactory. I will be using it for spring transplants, as well.

Best Bulb Planter Ever

The best bulb planter I've ever seen or used. Planted over 250 daffodil bulbs in a little over an hour.

Did the job well

I used it to plant tulip and hyacinth bulbs. It worked nicely. It cut through some ground cover vinca, small tree roots and damp soil somewhat easily. For me, doing lots of plugs before turning it over (like you see in the picture) was not very efficient. The dirt got stuck more often. I got into a rhythm of hole, drop bulb, flip over to unlodge dirt on top of hole, repeat. Then, I would get on my knees to pack the dirt back over the bulbs.

Works exactly as advertised on zoysia grass

it really helped re-establish some bare spots in the yard. I have not used the plug to refill the holes

Solid tool

I used this to plug some zoysia grass, aerate a new garden with a lot of clay and planted about 100 bulbs. Some of the bulbs I planted were in pachysandra and I was able to successfully transplant those plugs to different areas.
Works as advertised for removing plugs. It takes a little getting used to different soil conditions and it gets clogged if its too wet, but easy to clear out with a garden hose jet/sprayer. This mostly happened to me while trying to pull six inch cores in the clay.
I used it through a full summer and it is still performing like the first day and only showing minor signs of the abuse I've put it through.
I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a plugging tool.

Planting tool by ProPlugger

I am an Engineer and appreciate a device that has been superbly designed. I have a tender back and easily planted 780 bulbs in one afternoon. This tool is great.

Awesome plugger!

This is a great tool. I am really surprised that other models even exist as this one just makes total sense. Plugs slide out of the handle with easy and this makes plugging less of a chore.

Ground must be quite dry

I think I'm going to like this tool (and I'll update when I have a chance to use it more). Right now my ground is too wet. I've been waiting, after an ice storm, through a few sunny days, hoping it would be okay. When the ground is wet, the soil stops up the inside of the tool and must be washed out. Trouble is, it's time to plant tulips and it's not a dry time of year (even here in Texas). So I may have to do it by hand… Still, it might be easier to use the tool and stop every few holes to wash the soil out. I wish there were another plunger bit to it that would push the dirt out from the top. Too bad. I was so excited about having this to plant lots and lots of daffodils and tulips.

Couldn't imagine planting without it!

This was my first year planting bulbs. I am a newer gardener, and was looking for the perfect tool to make my bulb digging go more quickly - while saving my back. The bottom was sharp and easily cut into the ground. I was able to dig many holes before emptying the dirt from the tube. I'm 5'7" and it was the perfect height and size for me. I'm not a fan of gimmicks, but this is a MUST HAVE for every bulb gardener.

Fast, Efficient and Easy on the Back

Very easy to use--no bending and stooping or tedious hand digging! Very fast and efficient--bonus: my back doesn't ache like crazy or my wrists from hand digging.