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ProPlugger XL works easy and fast as long as your existing zoysia is cut very short and is very wet before using. How long the edge on the tool will stay sharp after extended use could be a concern. Overall it is as advertised but could probably use a few tweaks to improve it in the future.

All I can say is....DANG.

This thing does EXACTLY what it says it does...prolly the best manual yard tool I've ever purchased. Once you start, you can't the good grass looks like it's been shot up like a mafia shootout and what were once bare spots are now starting to show and grow in nicely.

Does what it says

I bought this to help my son-in-law with his yard. He doesn't have the necessary time to seed so I thought I would try this. I read all the reviews and most were very positive. Let me add my positive review to the many others. My son-in-law and I did 100 plugs in about an hour and that is including our learning curve to use it. Step down until you bottom out (we used the 4 inch ring) and then twist... not before. Also make sure that the soil is well moistened. You may want to water the day before. We used it on very thick zoysia and it worked very well. He did the plugging and I filled the holes. This is a great product and it is made in the USA. What more could you ask for?

Lawn Plugger

It is great to see a high quality product made in the USA. I have only used it a few times but it is obvious it will give me a life time of service and be able to used centuries from now.
God bless you all


Absolutely Fantastic, easy to use and worth every penny. It's sturdy will stand up to anything.I recommend this to anyone that wants a sturdy tool that will last.

Simple tool for simple job

The Turf Plugger works great. Simple design is good. Have no problem pulling plugs for any type of grass I have. Shipped quickly.

Turf Plugger - It works

It works really well even in the hard Texas clay. I've used it to aerate a bit and the transplanted grass plugs start growing pretty quickly.

Cool Garden Tool

Nice product that works as described. Also durably made to last many garden seasons unlike related products the have long since been placed in the circular file.

Holds moisture on a sloping lawn

The coco peat discs fluff up to completely conceal the holes from taking donor turf plugs from the yard. They are super easy to use, my children fought over the privilege of following me around the yard filling the holes and watering them. But for me, the best part was that they didn't wash away in heavy rain. Any mulch we add to the lawn invariably washes down the slope and causes more problems. These stayed put and held the moisture. The company was very prompt and helpful when contacted by email. It's a lawn-saver.

Great for lawns on a slope

My yard slopes to the house so I had to install a french drain. The lawn adjacent to the french drain then needed repair. Twice I planted grass seed just to have it wash into the drain during heavy rain. Digging up the area to sod was never an option. With this product, I have moved plugs from my yard into the bare area with great success. I also bought the coco peat discs to fill the holes in the donor yard. They hold moisture on my slope and don't wash away. Lastly, the company very promptly answered my email with knowledgeable advice that didn't try to sell me anything. Great product, great company.

Awesome product

My Dad had a sod plugger I had used several time for our Zozya grass but it has been misplaced. Every other one I looked at was cheaply made and difficult to use. Square pluggers just don't cut it....literally!

This product is easy to use, even better than Dad's. I love the different ring sizes and the ease of getting the plugs out.

Turf Plugger

Only had it a couple of months , but so far it is exactly as advertised. Easy to use as long as the ground has some moisture. Would buy again.

Perfection through simplicity

I'm amazed at the simplicity of the design and how perfectly it works. The slight taper of the tube automatically makes the plugs loosen as they travel up the tube, and they just fall out when you tip it over. Also, the 2 different sized rings gives you 2 different depths of cut. I transplanted over 300 plugs of common bermuda this weekend (it did take a couple hours - but I was using small buckets to transport the plugs, so I was working in small batches.)

I too have very thick clay "soil" -- but that just made my plugs less likely to fall apart after extraction. It was great. It's addictive.


I rarely leave feedback, but this thing really works and it works well. It's easy to use and the holes are super clean. Thank you!


This thing is great. Just messing around the first day I got it and plugged about 100 holes in an hour. And its sooo easy. Just wish it was a 3 inch pipe instead of 2 inch. Could cover more ground that way. Works as advertised.


I have never bought a product that matched the promises in advertising like the Proplugger.

My hat off to the designer! So simple! So ingenious! So easy!

Fugedaboutit if you plan to cut zoysia into plugs.

I also saw the 5-in-1 video and thought it was too good to be true. It is impossible to cut through healthy zoysia sod. I used a 2x4 and a utility knife to cut strips and then plugs. All in all it works pretty well cutting the lawn, although you have to stomp on it a few times to get through Bermuda. It is still very labor intensive, especially when you are cutting 8,000 plugs.

Product works as advertised

Great tool for bermudagrass lawns. Also good for extracting weeds including roots. Works best after soaking rain or heavy lawn watering.

A must-have for anyone with a lawn

This tool is well built; no cheap painted steel but a sturdy coated steel tool. This is not going to rust. I use it to remove stray plugs of fescue out of my zoysia lawn, as well as dandelions. It is easy to use, especially if the ground is not too dry (we have clay soil). I also used the Plugger to plant Monkey Grass around the house - it is a really handy and fast way to create little holes for the plugs. Plus, I use it to create 'feeder tubes' around my trees; I create holes with the Plugger every 3 feet or so on the drip line of the tree and fill the hole with fertilizer pellets. Much cheaper than the various tree fertilizer spikes that are for sale. I have one suggestion for improvement; find a way to attach the rings to the plugger, right now it is very easy to lose them. Final comment, the customer service is absolutely top notch, I had an issue with my plugger and it was completely solved within a week. 5 stars!

The perfect yard tool!

I read many reviews before I purchased a Proplugger and from what I read this seemed to be a "too good to be true" product. After much reading, I decided to order the Proplugger. I was not disappointed. I received the Proplugger, read and followed all the instructions and I was shocked with the results. This thing actually works exactly as it is advertised.

One of the pieces of instructions: water before using the Proplugger in a absolutely necessary. If you don't water a day or two before use of the Proplugger will cause you much more work than you need to do. Watering prior to use makes working with the Proplugger a dream.