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Awesome plugger!

This is a great tool. I am really surprised that other models even exist as this one just makes total sense. Plugs slide out of the handle with easy and this makes plugging less of a chore.

Ground must be quite dry

I think I'm going to like this tool (and I'll update when I have a chance to use it more). Right now my ground is too wet. I've been waiting, after an ice storm, through a few sunny days, hoping it would be okay. When the ground is wet, the soil stops up the inside of the tool and must be washed out. Trouble is, it's time to plant tulips and it's not a dry time of year (even here in Texas). So I may have to do it by hand… Still, it might be easier to use the tool and stop every few holes to wash the soil out. I wish there were another plunger bit to it that would push the dirt out from the top. Too bad. I was so excited about having this to plant lots and lots of daffodils and tulips.

Couldn't imagine planting without it!

This was my first year planting bulbs. I am a newer gardener, and was looking for the perfect tool to make my bulb digging go more quickly - while saving my back. The bottom was sharp and easily cut into the ground. I was able to dig many holes before emptying the dirt from the tube. I'm 5'7" and it was the perfect height and size for me. I'm not a fan of gimmicks, but this is a MUST HAVE for every bulb gardener.

Fast, Efficient and Easy on the Back

Very easy to use--no bending and stooping or tedious hand digging! Very fast and efficient--bonus: my back doesn't ache like crazy or my wrists from hand digging.

This tool is awesome

"This tool is awesome - it cut our bulb planting time in half and worked perfectly for us! We live in NW US, and have had quite a rain-less winter thus far in our city, so the ground was not yet too soggy for use."

use with caution.

worked ok, as long as the grass and the soil is not too wet, will clog when the soil is wet, or after it rains.
caution, use the shallow setting or you will hit your underground sprinkler pipes!!

Item arrived on time.

"Item arrived on time. The box was huge but I suppose that was for protection of the item during shipping. We love it and will continue using it to plant the rest of our tulip bulbs. "

Great Tool for Planting

Ingenious design and sturdy. You can plug multiple holes and they move up the pipe since it is tapered slightly. I went around an untilled area in my yard making holes and grabbing the plugs as they popped out the top. This is made very well and I can see it lasting for years--and it will get a lot of use.

Very good design, works as advertised

Excellent design, plug end narrower than holding tube, to prevent wedging of plugs. The tube holds the plugs, 16 or so depending on how you set the depth.


This is ok. It comes in a narrow box and is fairly heavy. It is difficult however to figure out how to use it for multiple bulbs.

Awesome bulb planter

This thing is very sturdy and a beast. Even in dry-ish, gravelly dirt, it works wonderfully. I highly recommend this tool to anyone. For larger bulbs like daffodils, I had to make two holes, but not a big deal.

Super fast sod planting tool.

This tool is a great way to plug a lawn. Is super easy to use and works quickly. I was a bit skeptical at first when seeing videos of how easy the dirt plugs dump out of the top of the plugger when turned upside down, but it really works just as advertised.
The last plug might get stuck every once in awhile, but that's easy enough to push out with your fingers. Clean up is easy and project is light.
I used this to cut plug holes in my barren backyard and also used the plugger to cut plugs from the grass flats I had purchased.

This thing works great

Seriously, this thing worked great planting daffodils. Did 50 in less that an hour. Wish my ground was softer and had less rocks, but that's not this tools fault. I got the larger size and I'm glad I did, because the bulbs needed the extra large hole. It worked just like the video and description said it would. Heavy steel, it's going to outlast me for sure.

Lots of bulbs, buy it.

Great for planting bulbs. Also, easy to snatch bulbs from around the yard for transplanting. Very well made. Solid construction. Lifetime tool.

My ProPlugger proved to be the perfect tool for the job.

...In the process of laying  two pallets of Compadre Zoysia sod, I observed that sand does not retain moisture very well, especially with the almost always constant wind on the outer banks.  So prior to my laying any further sod, I wanted to address that issue by introducing moisture/nutrient retaining organic material into the sandy soil while minimally disturbing the soil surface. It was at this point that I discovered the ProPlugger and Coco Peat. My ProPlugger proved to be the perfect tool for the job. The "work" was more tedious that it was hard. Remember we're talking sand here. Using the ring that allows a 4" depth, I punched approximately 3300 holes about 8" apart in an area of 1400 SF. Now my yard will be better prepared for the next 3 pallets of sod. Once established I will then use my ProPlugger to cut and transplant plugs to other areas. Maybe you should change "ProPlugger 5 in 1" to  "ProPlugger 6 in 1"!

Makes easy work of cutting holes in packed soil.

What a great tool. Heavily built, you just stomp on it to cut plugs. They accumulate in the tube, and about every 10 plugs you empty it out. The bottom of the tube is graduated in diameter, so the plugs really do just slide out. Usually I find an auger tool more convenient in loose soil, but if your soil is a bit packed, this tool really does the job. Max plug depth is 6"

Not the grass regenerator I expected, unfortunately

You know that movie 'Caddyshack' where Bill Murray is being a pervert and staring at the old ladies on the course, carving out a golf hole for the golf balls to go into on the green? That's what this is originally used for. So if you're getting it to save money for grass plugs, don't do it. It's far too small to regenerate grass. It's golf ball sized. This needs to be much wider than this because in the end I only see a few bits of grass in the plug after I've cut it out of its patch in the ground. They all die in the end. I'm not about to buy some cocoa things or whatnot from the seller, keeping me even more dependent on some business. Oh, also---if you need to plant bulbs, this is probably great for that too. It does work well by not getting too badly clogged like others do I guess, based on those reviews...

Fast & careful shipping!

"Fast & careful shipping! Item exactly as described! of the best purchases I have ever made!"

The ProPlugger is a MUST for any gardener!!

I LOVE this tool! I had over 100 bulbs to plant this season. I planted the first 25 or so with a hand bulb planter and it took me over 2 hours. It broke and I had blisters all over my right palm. I decided to order the ProPlugger and am SO glad I did! It is well built and very sturdy. It worked exactly as promised and was easy to clean up afterward. I planted the remaining 75 bulbs with the ProPlugger and it took just over an hour and it was easy! I can't say enough about this product! Hands down one of the best lawn & garden purchases I have ever made.


"Awesome! I planted over 100 bulbs in two hours! Worth every penny. "