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ProPlugger works 100% as described

We purchased the ProPlugger to plant bulbs and to use for soil samples. So far it's been working perfect and very easy to use.

It all depends on your soil and its schedule

i think that how well this works all depends on the kind of soil you have. In San Antonio, Texas we have have clay-like soil under lawns. if soil is moist, this gets all plugged up and is real work to unplug it. If you let the soil dry out some, then it falls apart in the plugger. You can't just go out and use this to plug lawns or bulbs when you want to, you have to wait until condition are just right for the plugger, if it works at all, which others say it does.

ProPlugger Response: We're sorry to hear that the 5-IN-1 Planting Tool did not work for your soil. We wish you the best with your planting project.

Well made, works great

Excellent, well made tool

Turned 1 2X5' piece of sod into 700SQ FT of lawn

I have to say this is a brilliant product. Well made, perfect size and rips through lawn plugging like a pro. If you had two of these, oner person could make plugs and the other make the hold in the lawn for he plugs, you'd be able to knock out a very large lawn in a weekend.
I'm planting Zoysia plugs to replace fescue. I'm completely impressed with this professional tool.

Works great

This product is very solid and well made and works quite well. I have been moving a handful of plugs of grass per day on my lunch break for a while now. Kind of fun and the yard is slowly looking better. This product is worth the price and will do the trick. How could it be improved? It could be improved by making the shaft longer. I'm 5'10" and I have to turn the ProPlugger handles at an angle in toward me so that my knee doesn't hit the handle when I stomp. But it's not a show stopper for a younger person. For a tall older person, it would put them off balance. The handles are good, but could also be improved. The handles should be round tubes instead of an upside-down U-shaped tubes. I think the foam handgrips will wear out over time due to being squeezed against the underside of the handle along the "U" edges during use.


Wow! After planting thousands of bulbs over the past 20+ years, I finally got the right tool. This thing is the nuts- perfect in every way!!

It's not easy like the video!!!


It's not easy to use like the video. I have a hard time to plug the dirt/yard, I had to try to jump on the tool but it still not easy to make the tool to stand straight while you jump on it. Then I water the yard (as recommend by the company) before used the tool for several days, it still the same & even harder (impossible) to get the dirt out from the tool. I feel the plug need to be sharper to make it easier to plug into the dirt. I also prefer if it's bigger in diameter because there aren't any grass on the plug. I gave up to plug my soysia yard to the bare spot, may be buy the soysia plug from local nursery.

ProPlugger Response: We are sorry to hear your experience with the ProPlugger has not met your expectations. Watering the donor area and transplant area ahead of time normally works to soften the soil so the tool goes into the ground more easily. Unfortunately, everyone has different soil and what works for some people may not work for others.

We do want to say that the grass plugs in your picture, if planted right away and watered twice a day for the first week and once a day for the following two weeks should be viable. There is often some dead grass on top of the plugs, but you should see new grass emerging after a week or so of watering. Remember to fill the empty holes from the donor area with bagged garden soil/ compost and water it well after plugging. There will be some transplant shock in both areas, but with careful watering, the areas will recover quickly.

Again, we are sorry that the ProPlugger did not work for you. Please contact us if you would like to return the tool and we'll be happy to give you a full refund.


"Wow! After planting thousands of bulbs over the past 20+ years, I finally got the right tool. This thing is the nuts- perfect in every way!!

Love the plugger. Just as promise.

Plugger is exactly as described. Planted 40 crocuses bulbs in no time flat. Plugger is a good weight, appears to be of high quality. Much better then those cheap planters that you buy in your local hardware store.

Works well

Love it great quality

The Ultimate Tool for Bulb Planting

Have tried various bulb planters and methods in the past and this by far is the best. The tool is very made very well. It will not break or bend. The design of the tube with the dirt holding capability is fantastic. The only thing I don’t like is standing on the foot begs like a pogo stick. This is fine for younger folks, but not us older ones. I’ll get around that by being selective in when and where I plant. That being said, I can still put a lot of pressure on the unit with one foot. If you are looking for a very functional tool to plant lots and lots of bulbs that will last a lifetime, look no further. Best of all it’s made in the USA.

Great product!

Works like it should. You need a little weight to get this into hard clay though so I have to jump on mine like an actual pogo stick ... lol

Good buy but Notice

This is a good solid product and it works as indicated on a video I saw on YouTube. I made some good, clean soil extractions from sandy garden soil, But be aware, it is a b__ch to use in heavy black clay soil. Read the directions on "unclogging" before you start. Have a water hose and a broom stick close at hand.

Easy to use

The ProPlugger arrived quickly and was easy to use for making plugs from the Zoysia lawn I have in my back yard to plant in the front yard. This makes the job of planting plugs from the back yard to the front yard much easier than I could have done the work without this well designed tool.

This product is great!

This product is great! I just planted over 300 bulbs this week with it and it made the job go quickly. It is easy to adjust the depth of the hole and it never got plugged. Definitely worth the price!

Highly recommend for Zoysia plugging

I never, and I mean never, take time to write a review. However, product is an exception. I bought to plug and transplant Zoysia plugs and I am extremely impressed.

can't go wrong

Best plugger that I have ever used. Makes perfect plugs every time. Well worth the money!

It works!

Great product w/ simple design.

Good stuff

Well designed. easy to cut plugs from sod or yard

Great investment.

Better than I thought! I contemplated just cutting plugs by hand. So glad I didn’t. This is worth every penny. So easy to use. I had some bare patches in my St. Augustine lawn, this made short work of the job. Simple tool, but very well made, it will last a lifetime.