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Well made!

Works great! Florida St Augustine sod

Its fantastic until damp soil gets stuck in it

What a fabulous tool in the beginning! I was able to put in 50 pachysandra plants in under 20 minutes. It started to rain and the damp days in Chicago changed everything! Do not get wet soil in this tool. It takes forever to clean it out. The directions state to put your hose on the jet setting to “Flush” it out but it isn’t the best option. I don’t think there is a best or better option.
I do like the optional soil size rings of a 4” hole ring, 2” soil hole or remove the ring and get a 6” hole for plantings. The size is decent. My back didnt hurt from bending over.
It’s worth adding to your gardening tools

Works just as described and top-notch quality

This little tool is amazing it works so well very high quality American-made. I would definitely recommend it

Far easier to use than I imagined

Was hesitant to purchase, but I needed something to help fill in bare spots. This has made quick work of sod plugging my lawn. I used the deeper washer adapter and the tube held 9 plugs at a time. I'd recommend doing 8-9 sod plugs, then 8-9 dirt plugs. As you make the holes where you need to add the grass, a sod plug comes out the top ready to drop in the new hole. Once I had no sod plugs left, I dropped the dirt plugs into the holes where the grass was. Far easier than planting runners or plugs by hand. Highly recommend.

Very handy tool

This thing works surprisingly well. I am trying to get grass growing in a difficult area. My driveway is permeable with grass growing in a grid-like checkerboard pattern of alternating squares of dirt and concrete. It is on a rather steep incline and seeds just get washed out too easily. I got this tool to steal grass plugs from the yard and hand plant them in the dirt squares of the driveway. I am able to use the tool to fill up the while tube with about 2in grass plugs, bulling them out very fast. Simply flipping the tool over they all fall out. You don't even need to bend over. Just push it in the ground, give it a twist, and pull up...

Built well and works

Simple design that works!!

Positive Reviews Are Correct

All the positive reviews here are correct, so I won't elaborate much on this excellent and easy-to-use product.
As others have said, make sure you follow the watering instructions so that your soil is neither too dry (too hard to pull plugs out) nor too muddy (mud is easy to remove, but muddy plugs are too sticky and soft to be useful).
Quick searches will lead you to online videos that show what ideal plugs look like. These videos will clarify whether you're preparing (watering) your soil correctly for ProPlugging...

Not as easy to use as advertising shows.

The plugger works okay to cut plugs out of fresh sod. Cutting the plug holes is not so easy. Unless the ground is very soft, cutting plug holes with this unit is not possible per our experience. The rings to limit the plus side kept falling off. 
Our soil is very heavy red clay which cause the plugged to clog. It took a hour to clean out the unit. So, we stopped using it to cut plug holes.

ProPlugger comment: Hi, We're sorry to hear that you had trouble with digging holes in your heavy clay. From what you've described, it sounds like your soil isn't moist enough. To get the best results, water the area well a day or two in advance. If you're still having issues, you may need to water again if you haven't had rain in your area. To keep the depth ring from slipping off, make sure you're firmly stepping down on the footpeg until the tool bottoms out on the depth ring. This will snug the depth ring in place onto the tool. Again, we're sorry you've had issues and hope this helps. Please feel free to call the number on our website if you'd like technical help. Best regards, Bill Carney, ProPlugger


'm using the plugger to transfer plugs from my well established Zenith Zoysia front lawn to bare spots in my Zenith last year seeded back yard. The plugger is well made and works perfectly. If you fill the plugger with bare grass plugs and lay them to the side, then fill the plugger with the zoysia. You then can go back to the holes you left and dump a plug out one at a time placing it in a hole until its empty. Then repeat the process over and over. The last step is to go back and pick up the plugs you layed to the side to fill in the remaining holes. I highly recommend this quality plugger!

Works as advertised

Not much more to say. Gland I bought it. Planted 100 plugs of grass (so far).

Pro Plugger

Very well made, works great

It is well worth the money.

It is so simple. NO it does not make the perfect plug everytime but about 95 present. Make your holes first then go get your plugs. THAT EASY

Very Sturdy

I was surprised at how heavy (for old me) it is. It does the job though, and that's what counts.

Works great

 have only planted my first batch of 72 zoysia plugs. It worked great and it is so simple. I put both of the depth rings on the bottom tapered cutting end (because I would probably lose the 4” ring in my garage somewhere if I didn’t. Step on it, twist, then pull and plant. It rained last night here in St. Louis so the ground was still moist, early in the morning. Highly recommended.

As advertised.

Works great!

Easy to use

Perfect for anyone that plants bulbs. We plant over 150 during the spring and this makes it take no time at all. Get this if you are doing any bulb plating.

Worth every penny

Wonderful product. Excellent for planting annuals, quick lawn repair and propagating irish/ scotch moss. Very handy tool. Just be careful to avoid injury when removing the height adjustment rings as they tend to get stuck after use.

Love this thing

Great for filling in bare spots in the yard! Love it, use it all the time!

Does not work as described.

Don't buy.

Just what my yard needed!

Arrived early, Excellent Condition, well built, helps me take grass from healthy areas of my yard to fill in bare spots. It was a good buy.