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Fun, and works great too!!

I am beyond impressed with this product. My husband and I decided to throw in the towel and turn our front yard into a mondo grass lawn due to the heavy shade and poor growing conditions; we noticed that the only thing that thrives there is mondo grass. We had tons of mondo grass growing on other areas of the property where we didn't need it, so I decided to transplant it....

Wow! Saved a ton of time and effort on 400 bulbs.

I started off with a hand tool for planting my 400 tulip and daffodil bulbs in the late fall, and it lasted about 25 bulbs before it broke. And it was very slow and tiresome, and I didn't have much time to get everything planted before winter. Using the ProPlugger allowed me to dig 6 to 7 holes at a time and with much less time and effort. The time my wife and I saved could justify the purchase. I would dig the holes and dump the dirt on the ground and my wife would throw in the bulbs and full-in the dirt. Our flower bed looked beautiful!

Not good for making St. Augustine grass plugs - when using sod mats

Although this product didn't work out at all for making St. Augustine plugs (out of a sod mat), I applaud the vendor of this tool for standing behind their product.
The background story....

(ProPlugger representative): We are very sorry to hear of your experience with the 5-IN-1 XL in working with St. Augustine sod squares and want to offer a full refund of your purchase price. Cutting St. Augustine (and Centipede) sod squares are the most difficult of nearly all turf types because of their loose structure of roots and runners (stolons & rhizomes) and the lack of soil included with most purchased sod squares. The grass varieties that you see us working with in our videos are Zoysia and Bermuda which have a tighter structure common to other varieties. ..

cheap metal

I was impressed at first but unfortunately that was short lived. This product may still be the best in its class but it still lacks quality. Within the first 300 plugs i have managed to completely destroy the product. The plugs got stuck and would not come out, and as i tried to force them out the metal bent and destroyed the tapered end at the top and will no longer allow the plugs to slide out the top...

(ProPlugger representative): Sorry to hear about the damage to your 5-In-1. We have found that the best way to unclog the ProPlugger is by using a common garden hose equipped with a jet nozzle and, with the water turned on, inserting the hose down the main tube to the clogged area and let the jet stream "drill" out the obstruction (see instructions provided with the 5-IN-1). With this method, any possibility of damage to the 18 gauge carbon-steel tubing is eliminated... 

It Works

Not as easy to use cutting turf out of the yard itself. But it works and any sod available now is not worth two cents. Since we are only allowed to water once a week right now (can hand water some), this will take care of things for me as I slowly salvage my yard a little bit at a time.

great for transplanting annuals, but not so good for plugging St. Augustine grass

I like this tool for transplanting annuals, but, when plugging St. Augustine grass it is just not big enough to get the root. St. Augustine grows on runners and most of the time the plug will miss the root and all I get is loose grass. I would really like to try the bigger one, but at this price, I can only afford to buy one and the smaller one did not do the job for me.

Wow, and wow again. (Received via E-Mail)


"Wow, and wow again. Just received my ProPlugger imported from the U.S of A. What a tool. How many times do you buy something that doesn't do what they say it will. Not with this one. It's perfect. Can't believe this is it. This will solve my lawn growing problems. I have a big area to sow with Buffalo couch,and can't afford to buy and roll it out. It would cost me many thousands to do that. After a short demo out in the yard and already planted lots. Also done some weeding. I only wish I had some to sell in this country.They would sell like hot cakes here. Its just the best garden tool I've ever seen. Congratulations on a great product."

Geoff, Victoria Australia

great for digging holes But

Works great for digging the holes but will not cut through compadre sod - had to hatched the plugs - will also pull out isolated weeds such as nut grass - generally a great yard tool

Awesome tool

I bought this to fill empty grass spots now and for bulb planting in the fall. The tool works great removing a perfect plug to place in bare spots of the lawn. Depending on how deep of a plug you want, I was able to draw 8-9 plugs and then tip it over to remove them. My only complaint is that the directions are not very good . It isn't hard to figure out what to do, but some may have a little difficulty...

Works like a charm !!

Used this to plant my flower bulbs this spring. Planted well over 100 bulbs in about 1 hour. Definitely a back saver.

Pro Plugger

One of the best tools I have purchased in a long time. Great for handling spot transplanting bermuda. I even transplanted small (2 to 4 in") corn stalks to skips in other rows.

Works exactly as described.

Works like a champ. Push it into the ground, twist and pull out a perfect plug every time. It's that easy.

Great Garden Tool


...The tool works very nicely to make plugs from an existing lawn.... so I'm looking forward to using it for that after the new sod gets established.

This is the right item for many reasons.

This is a very well made item for doing many things around the home. I use it to move plugs from one part of my yard and then plant in another to fill in the gaps in the sod. It is well made and easy to use. The handles are comfortable and not much force is needed to get the plugs and then very easy to retrieve and plant again. Pretty soon my yard will be bare spot free and much easier than seeding or sodding. Great product use it for many things.

Amazon Feedback

"This thing is figuratively worth its weight in gold. I used it to cut plugs, dig holes for the plugs, and fill the holes with potting soil... all with the same tool! Did almost 5000 plugs in one day! Just a tip... wear gloves, because after a couple thousand plunges, the handles start making blisters on the tops of your thumbs, where the handle pivots in your hand. Could not be happier, though!"

Sod Plugger

Instructions for use of this unit are clear and easy to understand. It is simple to operate and fascinating in what it does so easily. It is made of adequately strong, heavy wall tubing that seems like it will last a long time. One frustration with its use is that it will tend to get plugged up itself if the soil or clay is too wet. Otherwise, the unit releases plugs very easily upon turning it upside down.

Save the box it came in

I bought this based on the reviews and didn't use it for a while. Now that I have tried it the return window has expired. It did not work at all for me. If you hit even a small stone it won't go down any further...

(ProPlugger representative): We're very sorry to hear that you're not happy with your 5-IN-1 Planting Tool. We would be very happy to refund you your purchase price as our company's return policy is 90-days as opposed to Amazon's policy. Please contact us through Amazon or our Website to arrange your return. We strive to have every customer not only satisfied with our 5-IN-1 Planting Tools, but thrilled with their performance.

Pro Plugger


Good design but don't use it when the ground is too wet or it will plug up and don't make the mistake of tapping the sides to get the plugs to free up because the steel is too thin and it will dent. I think they should use a little thicker steel to make the tool more durable. Good design though.

(ProPlugger Representative) You bring up some very important points. Wet soil compresses easily, causing the plugs to press out against the inside of the tube which can cause clogging. The instructions that come with the plugger (as well as an instruction decal attached to the plugger) warn against trying to pull plugs when the soil is too wet or overly dry. They also describe a handy method of clearing clogs which is to use a common water hose with a jet nozzle attached and direct the stream of water up into tube from the bottom. This will clear the obstruction without damaging the tube. Striking the outside of the main tube in an effort to clear the clogged plugs should be avoided. It's made of 18 gauge steel which is durable enough to provide years of service while also easily slicing into the ground to pull plugs.

Lives up to the hype


...ProPlugger makes amazingly short work of what would otherwise have been a tedious & exhausting task. Along with being able to work from a standing position to remove the plugs or pesky weeds, I love the ability to sprinkle in my fertilizer, seeds or zip bulbs right down the tube into the hole. Just put your earbuds in, crank up some Doobie Brothers & let this thing do the work for you...

Pretty good

I'm using the plugger to transplant zoysia from my front yard to the back. Overall it's well built and does what you want it to. My main complaint is that when removing multiple plugs they do not just slip out of the tube as in the videos I saw. We have some clay in our soil here so that may be affecting performance somewhat, but I almost always need to poke and prod the plugs before they'll slip out...