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5-in 1 plant ing tool

i got this for my staff to plant plants it work grate it was the best to the staff said for plant the small plug we has deliver to us thank for fast delivery and for a grate tool

Works Like Butter - Wow!

Received quickly, good packaging, heavyweight, solid tool. I was skeptical that this plugger would do all it said, but I just dug 100 plugs in under an hour, and I am probably the most out of shape person in the world. Ok, maybe not the world, but not in-shape at all. Step on it with one foot, put your weight on it with a little twist, and bingo, that sucker pops right out of there - no kidding. It took about 10 holes to get the hang of it, but once I did, wow! The dirt dumped out like it was hand scooped in there, once it was full. Couldn't believe it. I have clay soil too, I must mention. It is the bane of my existence. The great thing is, I need some backfill under my deck, so I just dump it right from the plugger under the deck, and will fill my holes with rich garden soil. I have 400 bulbs to plant this weekend, and it is 9:30 Sat am, and I am 1/4 of the way done. I would have paid much more for this beauty. Priceless.

Good tool for plugging buffalo grass

It's a little awkward to use , yet I was still able to install 15 plugs in minutes. I found if you had bucket water nearby , you could dunk it in water to clear it .

a great garden tool!

This simple but effective tool is a great addition to my garden tools. So easy to use, I wonder why I didn't think of this?? Great for removing weeds, and also for planting. A "do it all" tool if there ever was one!

This is a great tool!

I do not know how we would have gotten our 900 plugs planted without this tool. It came quickly, before the grass plugs, so we were prepared for the actual planting. We also used it to get plugs of our existing grass to spread elsewhere.

Works great for Bermuda grass

I purchased this to use on our Bermuda grass and it works very well. This looks like a piece of equipment that will last a long time.

Near perfect plugger

Works great for plugging turf just like in the videos, except that the last one or two plugs don't just fall out but have to be pushed out. Even so, I was able to extract and plant more than 300 turf plugs in an amazingly short period of time. Am looking forward now to using it to plant some bulbs.

Used as Plugger

Good tool - easy to use. My ground was too wet the first try so the plugs were hard to get out. Next time was a breeze!

Should have gotten the larger one

I found it REALLY hard to tell if I needed the larger model with Zoysia. My experience shows I needed. The plugs are just a bit to small, but it works well at creating plugs.

Great Tool

I really like this tool. I decided to use plugs from existing grass in my yard and some native grasses growing wild nearby my home instead of planting seed. So far I have been really pleased. Depending on how deep you go, it will hold 5 to 8 plugs at a time. It works well in clay, dirt and sandy soil. It does not work well in rocky soil. I have used it on bermuda, blue grama and buffalo grass and it works great with all of them keeping a neat root-filled plug.

Strong and well constructed

Worked very well to plug in areas of the yard where we had removed shrubs.
Soil needs to be moist, so finding the balance between too wet and too dry took a bit of practice.
Unit is strong and well constructed and will last for a long time.

Works as advertised. Great if you have a lot of holes to dig.

Ground should be slightly damp for best results. too wet and it won't fall out easily, too dry and it's hard to dig in. But it works either way.

Best plugger I've ever used!

Purchased this with some reservations. I've owned others that snap like twigs on the first or second use. I've seen the ones sold at Home Depot getting poor reviews for the same poor quality. This one is $20 more and it seems to be built by the people who built tanks for the military. Heavy gauge steel. Strong thick welds. Nothing wimpy about it. Plugger end is pre-sharpened (which is important). You can just plug one after another until they start popping out the top (roughly eight plugs). With others you get just one plug then have to beat the hell out of it to get the plug out and it falls apart. This pulls plugs perfectly every time with very little practice. Transplanting Zoysia was a snap and I can't wait to use it some more. Of course you make the holes for the plugs using the same method and just walk over and drop in the plugs to the perfectly sized holes and water them in. Done!!!

Simply Amazing

I purchased the 5-1 standard plugger and the box did not contain the metal depth stops. I called them and received SuperFAST replacements. It has been very dry here in Texas and the clay soil very hard but a gentle watering the day before making plugs made it VERY simple to use. The depth plates could be a problem for some but I glued 2 small earth magnets (one above and one below the handle) on each side of the main tube and they hold the plates from vanishing. This little device should save me hours of effort and strain on my back. Thanks ProPlugger

Great Time Saver

This item certainly saves a great deal of helped me to fill in the bare spots in my yard...
quick...efficient....and very easy to use...

new favorite toy

I used this to plant bulbs and my herbs in the garden. The construction is good quality. I find it easier when the ground is somewhat wet. So much better than digging holes. I can adjust the width and depth of the holes I need just by utilizing the different adapter plates. So easy to use.

Essential tool if you have a "creeping" type of grass

I have used this extensively on my Zoysia grass here in Atlanta... mainly to help "repair" damaged areas of the lawn. While the grass probably would have repaired itself.. this sped up the process.

Great item for small planting.

Great time saver for working through a lot of smal platings in a short period of time. Punches nice holes if the soil isn't too lose and speeds the process of planting. Good qualit steel.

plug away!

So simple and easy to use. Did about 24 plugs in 30 mins. Awaiting results but suspect it wioo work fine.

better than other plug cutters but still not easy to use

The product looks well made, but wet plugs get stuck if you try to do more than a few at a time and need to be ram rodded out with a long wooden handle. After cutting about 100 plugs the handles broke off because the metal is on the thin side. To be fair it was probably due to supporting the tube by the handles while ram rodding the stacked sod pieces out. Try dryer sod and you should have better success.

(ProPlugger representative): Sorry to hear about the damage to your 5-IN-1 Planting Tool. It has been our experience that plugging when the soil is too wet (after a heavy rain) is the most common cause of clogs. The soil is very malleable and after pulling a few plugs, the weight of the column of stored plugs pressing down on the bottom plug, causes it to compress out against the inside wall of the tube, resulting in a clog. 

The best way to unclog the ProPlugger is by using a common garden hose equipped with a jet nozzle and, with the water turned on, inserting the hose down the main tube to the clogged area and let the jet stream "drill" out the obstruction (see instructions provided with the 5-IN-1). With this method, any possibility of damage to the 18 gauge carbon-steel tubing is eliminated. The process is quick, taking less than a minute in most cases.