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Five Stars

Does what it does and very easy to use. Really easy actually that I don't mind using it

Works Great!

First off, growing a nice lawn isn't easy. This is not a miracle tool. Having said that, it works very well so long as you prepare the soil for transplant (if the ph is off or you try and plug into thatched ground, etc. this isn't going to work). You must have healthy plugs of grass and make sure that when you drive the plugger into the ground you successfully grab root structure. Care for the grass plugs after transplantation, don't over water, if your plugs do start to turn yellow and die it might be from too much water. Try to keep the soil moist, but not water logged...

Better then advertized

This product is excellent . It is a back saver I was able to plant 400 ornamental grass pods in 2 days

A wonderful invention


This is a very good tool to make holes to plant bulbs and grass plugs. It is also a great tool to cut the plugs from the sod. A wonderful invention.

You NEED this tool

Love this tool. Searched the local nurseries looking for the perfect bulb planter and ended up finding it on amazon - the guards work well to select the perfect depth. Super easy to unload the "cores". I've also used it to eliminate some persistent crab grass in a few spots which I filled with turf plugs from elsewhere... If I owned a garden center I'd definitely stock this item.

Excellent Plugger!

The ProPlugger works great. Very good design with tube being smaller at bottom and larger at top plugs come out very easy.I have used others and the plugs hang up in the tube.

Great item


"Great item. My husband loves how it removes the wild onions in the lawn."

Great tool

This tool is awesome, easy to use, and performed better than expected. I'm still waiting for the new plugs to thrive, but so far so good.

I have a future with this plugger

Bought this to establish mondo grass lawn. It cuts holes with ease (consider I am out of shape, past 60 and have fibromyalgia). However, the holes it makes are a kind of large for the sprigs that I am using. I think it will be more useful after this initial supply of sprigs is established; then I can cut holes and transfer plugs exactly the same size. I can't wait. I know it would be great for planting bulbs--much better than anything I've used before for that purpose. Sprigs supplier suggested using a cordless drill with a 1" wood paddle bit.

Five Stars

Pro plugger did work very on doing work on my zozia lawn

Five Stars

Ready for spring to use it

Awesome, easy-to-use product!

This is an AWESOME product! I'm 63. and this made planting bulbs super easy for me. My husband and I planted over 100 bulbs last fall, and they're coming up now. I'd never want to use anything else to plant them!

you gotta have it !!

It`s an absolute must to have,,works great !!

Worth the money!

Perfect. Does a great job for planting bulbs. Cutting edge may need to be sharpened after use.

Five Stars

This has been one of the best gardening hand tools I own.

Really simple and it works

This is an amazing tool that will help you plug, plant, or transfer grass or bulbs! If you water one day ahead of time or just wait for a rain, this tool works as advertised. It's very easy to use and easy to clean. If laying sod or seeding your bare dirt is not an option for you, plugging may be the happy medium and this is by far the easiest was that i have found to do that job. I own a lawn care business and this is quickly becoming one of my favorite tools for installation via grass plug.

Nice and sturdy

My husband loves his new planting tool. Nice and sturdy!!

Five Stars

made my mass planting easy and fast

Four Stars

It works great.

plugs get stuck in tube

plugs get stuck in tube