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Makes plugging easy & fast

This is a must have tool for any lawn nut. It makes pulling and installing plugs super fast and easy with being able to stack them in the tube. Bare spots are a thing of the past in my law. One of the purchase since my reel mower.

Awesome product!

This has made life much easier. It's all about the right tool. Very easy to use. Would definitely reccomend it.


My wife just purchased this for me as a Fathers Day gift. It is constructed well, and works great. I love it.

Repeat of what has been written.

Nothing more can be said. I just joint the chorus. Will use it to plug zoisia grass throughout yard - made for that

Save life work as expected

Wild onions grow crazy in lawn. Got this tool after watching advertisement on youtube. It works great. I can get rid of tons of onions in one day. Cant' imagine what to do without it.

Awesome. It works just like its meant to

I'm not a gardener, but I wanted some bulbs. This thing does exactly what it says and empties the dirt out easily. It was easy even for me. No mess. Stepped on the cross bar, twisted, out popped a plug of red clay earth. Threw the bulb in, did a few more, then turned the planter upside down and all the plugs fell right out. I threw those into the holes, and a few months later, I had a few blooms. I thought I would have trouble because I planted in wet clay. No problem

A Great Product for Digging Round Holes for Lawn Plugs

This item does everything wonderfully! I punched/dug over 600 holes in my lawn for lawn plugs and it was waaaay easy with this tool. The only odd thing I ran into, is this digs round holes, yet the local big box home center sells trays of lawn plugs that are rectangular. I realized this was actually a plus as when I "stretched" the round hole to accept the rectangular plug, it snapped back to hold the plug in it turned out to be a good thing for me.

Great versatile product

My new most favorite yard tool. Very well made. Sometimes the simplest of designs are the most efficient. Wish I had designed this.

great product, even better service

I ordered this to plant my tomato and pepper seedlings and it is prefect. My rubber handle had a small tear on it after the first hole but it was such a time saver it didn't slow me down. I left feedback on amazon about liking the product and the handle issue and within days received an email and some replacement grips. Didn't even have to ask! Unusual in the Walmart days of poor customer service. Thanks for a great, sturdy product and thanks for caring about your customers!


Works better than I had anticipated. I highly recommend this tool for transplanting, flower gardening etc . Works great transplanting zoysia plugs

what a good idea

this is one of my favorite tool, it works just the they say. look at youtube to see how it works

Works like it should

Although it is a tremendous workout on your shoulders and back, this thing is great. The plugs do not get stuck at all. They slide out except for the first one, but you can easily get it out, or just keep on plugging and it'll make its way to the top eventually. I have plugged zoysia, hard clay, crab grass, rocky dirt, everything! This plugger is well worth the money. I'm beat from the 1000 or so plugs that I cut with it today though!


This tool is absolutely amazing. It is light-weight and able to dig a hole, even if I am not planting bulbs.


I love this tool. I used it to plant bulbs yesterday and it works amazing. Digs your hole 2-4-6" deep for you, you drop in your bulb, turn the tool upside down and the dirt come out. I just placed it back over the hole, it covered it up, I stepped on it a little and I was done. No stooping over. Best tool invented for planting bulbs. I also used it to pull out some weeds. I would recommend to anyone.....

This thing just works

I used this to plant about 100 bulbs. It is solidly built and keeps on keepin' on. Plus, from the way it is designed, it should allow for a sharpening eventually for long term viability. Depending on how big your bulbs are, you may need to stomp out a 2-3 holes side-by-side to get the bulb to fit, but for your average bulb this tool is a back saver and kinda fun too.

ProPlugger 5-in-1 Planting Tool

These guys were great. I had some questions about their product and so I called them. They were very friendly and helpful: they answered all of my questions and gave me some tips that I had not thought to ask about. I used their product to transplant Bermuda grass plugs to start a new lawn. None of the grass in the new plugs died. The grass from the plugs grew, and merged together. The new lawn looks great.

Works great on Canadian soil and sod

It's a great tool, and works exactly as promised, even on wet Canadian soil...I am pleased with the tool, though it would be nice if it was available in a X-long version for those of us 6ft 4in and over. It has a nice heft, and feels sturdy and durable. The plugs dump out the top when you invert the tool, and a gentle push with one finger gets the last one out.

Sturdy, Well Made, and Easy to Use

Makes cutting zoysia plugs very easy. Self storing tube is great for cutting multiple plugs. The adjustable depth rings allow for easy bulb planting.

Handy little tool!

I initially ordered this to transplant dwarf mondo to another property. It works exactly as described & the lengths of the plug can be varied by used brass rings provided. In my case it actually will be easier to but little plants but I will definitely use this to plug the holes that the plants will go in. High quality, sturdy, and easy for a 5'4 120 lb woman to do on her own!

Love it.

Very easy to use. Sturdy. Works well making plugs out of my grass for transplant. Highly recommend it for that purpose.