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Should have bought this a long time ago.

In the past, I always used a bulb planting tool to make the holes for my flowers but I had to be on my knees and the tool never lasted more than a season or two. My gardens are massive and my knees have paid the price! I received the ProPlugger and made holes in no time, without kneeling. Everyone who has seen it says it's amazing and will last forever! Should have bought this a long time ago.

Love this...

Love this...picks up 2 1/8" by 2/4/6" sod and dig up weeded or dirt part of the lawn and with that hole perfectly replace with sod. COULD NOT BE EASIER TO USE. Although too late for planting this year it will be perfect for a part of next years planting. My only regret is that I did not find it sooner.


Works as demonstrated. Love it

Works great

Easy to use

Plugs are very difficult to remove, which negates the purpose.

Plugs are very difficult to remove, which negates the purpose.

ProPlugger response: Hi Amber, We're sorry to hear that you had issues with plugs that were difficult to remove. Plugging in moist soil is really the key to a good plugging experience. The soil plugs dump out more easily, except the last plug in the tapered end. You can begin plugging again without removing that last plug and it will move up the tube.
If the soil is too dry, water the area well a day or two before plugging. If the soil is very wet, wait several days in order to let the area dry out a bit before plugging. If you're plugging in heavy, but moist clay, empty the tube out more frequently, turn the tube upside down and tap the top of the tube on level, soft ground to loosen and remove stubborn plugs. We hope this helps. Again, we're sorry for your experience. Bill Carney, ProPlugger

Great for weeding!

Great for weeding!

works great

find a video on youtube on how to use it. works great as long as ground is not too wet or rock hard dry

Check out Youtube for a video that shows the product in action.

Check out Youtube for a video that shows the product in action. That is what made me consider buying. Good design and works better than expected. Family business making quality product. I've already cut 100 plugs and planted them in some bare spots. Now just waiting for nature to take it's course.

As Promised

Exactly what I was looking for. Works great just make sure the soil is not too dry.

Awesome product!

Super sturdy, you won't need another in your lifetime. It really makes digging little holes MUCH easier. Sturdy yet not too heavy. A great purchase.

Cut the time to plug my lawn in half.

Worked great even in my sandy soil. I used it to plug my new Kurapia water and maintenance easy lawn replacement.

Does not work well with St. Augustine Grass

If being using on some other grass this would be a great tool.

ProPlugger response:  We're sorry you purchased the ProPlugger for using with St. Augustine. We don't recommend using the tool for St. Augustine grass as it tends to fall apart when plugging and it's difficult to cut viable plugs due to St. Augustine's loose structure of roots and rhizomes. We've noted that we don't recommend using the ProPlugger for St Augustine grass in the Amazon product listing and on our website. Bill Carney, ProPlugger

ProPlugger really works hard so you don’t have to

This is exactly what I was looking for and it works just as it says. Instructions even give troubleshooting tips. It also works the help get a large hole started which save time.

Easy to use!

This tool is easy to use and the holes are the right size for most grass plugs.

Professional Grade

Last bulb planter you will have to buy. Professional grade material and finish make it great. Easy to punch hole in ground to plant bulk. Made in USA and it shows the strength of the material.

So Much Fun, I Have Holes Everywhere!

Just received my ProPlugger and find it to be a great tool. I used it on damp lawn/soil and it worked as advertised. Instead of buying zoysia grass plugs, it was used on some overgrowth and replanting in a new area. I was able to pull multiple plugs and replant in no time at all. This family owned company seemed to do it's research and use quality metal in manufacturing. The only thing they should add, is a heavy duty spring so I can hop around on it like a pogo stick and have real fun while pulling plugs ; )

This works great!

This works great! I just transplanted a whole row of mondo grass in about 5 minutes!

Product is sturdy and does exactly what it is supposed to do

Product is sturdy and does exactly what it is supposed to do. I had prepared the soil ahead of time, so did not need to cut through grass, etc. Using on the prepped soil, worked like a charm! Made planting (about 100 bare root plants) a pleasure!

The ProPlugger is the tool to use if you are putting in sod plugs.

The ProPlugger is the tool to use if you are putting in sod plugs. I did 200 plugs and it was a breeze! Remember though you need to make sure the soil is moist instead of dry. This makes the job very easy.

Works Great!

I was very impressed with this item. I used it for getting zoysia grass plugs.