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Buy this item. I can't say enough good things about it.

Great item!!! Very well made. Works just as shown in the video. Worth every penny.

It works perfectly.

This tool is fantastic. Last year it took me one whole day to fertilize the trees with a hand bulb planter tool. It took me 2 hours this year. I LOVE this tool

This thing is great!

I wish I’d have taken pics while I was working with this but I didn’t think of it til after. I bought this for mass bulb plantings and I am shocked at how well it worked and how much easier it made the job. I also have a bulb auger drill bit for deeper bulbs like tulips and alliums but that tears up the surrounding dirt more than I’d like. This thing does not. It makes a clean cut circle to the depth I choose based on the ring I’ve got on it. Drop the bulb in and cover with the plug. It couldn’t be easier! Can’t wait to try it for stubborn weeds in spring! I wish the diameter at the bottom had a smaller attachment so I could choose a smaller hole size if needed.

Wild Onion Removal

If, like me, you have wild onion (or garlic) threatening to overtake your yard ; if you have exhausted yourself doing research on how to kill it topically, without digging; take it from me - buy one of these. This eliminates crawling from clump to clump on your hands and knees. Get a wheelbarrow, the ProPlugger 5-in-1, top soil and grass seed. You can center it over a clump, push down a good six inches (believe me, you have to go that far), pull it up and pop the onion plug out into your wheelbarrow or go on to the next clump and empty out after about four or five are in the ProPlugger. Fill the holes with top soil as you go and add grass seed on the top. Very durable and quality construction.

If you’ve got a lot of Bulbs, you need this.

This tool is amazing! Thought it was a gimmick at first, but it’s super durable, great quality. I planted about 70 bulbs the other day and it was a snap! You can adjust the depth easily and the plugs of dirt fill up the handle, just turn it over and they all pop out with no effort. I’ll never plant bulbs without it!

Excellent plugger for the money.

I was able to plug more of my yard in less time and more efficiently.

Exceptional product! Works better than expected!

I have never left feedback on any purchase, ever, until now... This product is very well constructed and works better then I even expected! I planted 300 tulips in no time...

A real garden tool

This is a real garden tool. It’s made of strong metal and has padded handles. There’s nothing flimsy about it. It makes planting bulbs easy. Although it says you should dig in damp soil to avoid problems, I had to plant in an area where I couldn’t get the hose (this is California with no rain in the summer). It worked okay for me but I can see what they mean. This is a tool that will last for years. If you are a serious gardener spend the money for a real garden tool!

Almost Perfect

The top of tulip & daffodil bulbs need to be at least 6 inches below the ground. If it could dig at most a 10 inch hole that would be perfect.


Really works good like it.


It gets clogged too quick And it very hard to get it out

Little effort, perfect holes


purchased this tool to make holes for tulip and daffodil bulbs. I live in a heavily wooded and rocky area, and have gotten frustrated with a shovel in the past. The tool worked just as advertised with little or no effort. In the flower beds with soft soil, my 5-year was able to make holes just fine. It required a little more effort in areas that had underground tree roots, but it broke through that with a little twisting, and weight shifting. I would definitely recommend this tool to others.

Works like a dream!

Works like a dream! Planted 35 daffodils in 10 minutes.

Can't get dirt out

My husband and I tried this for daffodil bulb planting. It was impossible to remove the dirt plug so after planting about 10 bulbs the entire tube was filled with tightly compacted dirt which we couldn't get out. Also because it was filled with compacted dirt it would no longer dig holes for additional bulbs. We stopped using it after that and will never use it again. Waste of money.

Must have

Perfect tool for plugging and planting. Couldn't find this in the stores

Product worked

Product worked more easily and better than I had ever imagined. Pulled over 15 six inch grass plugs effortlessly and in only a couple minutes. My whole family wants to borrow it to plant bulbs.

Well made.

Great tool for bulb planting. Did a quick, clean hole for the bulbs...even in hard clay soil. Extremely well made. Love it!

Five Stars

Best plugger I have ever owned!


Well made and very usefull product!!!

Great plugger,great value

This sod/zoysia plugger is quality built to last a life time . I have used similar style pluggers but I doubt you will find a better built one. I step on plugger , turn back and forth to loosen plug , tilt slightly and remove plug from existing zoysia lawn. Remove a plug of unwanted sod where you want to plant the zoysia plug then replant this unwanted plug where zoysia plug was by inserting upside down to fill hole .