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Easy to use as instructed.

This plugger worked just like advertised. I am transplanting zoysia grass from the back to front yard using the 4” stop ring. It pushed through the roots to the soil, stored 8 plugs at a time in the tube, then taken to the front yard & inverted the plugger. The plugs fell right out. Then dug 8 holes in front yard with plugger, installed zoysia plugs in holes, returning to back yard, again inverted plugger removing dirt & filling holes in backyard. Cool love it!! Just be sure ground is moist.

Well made and fair price

Worked perfectly, well made and made the job so much easier!

Great Tool!

Worked well for transferring grass!!!!

Excellent, well-made, and fun to use

Excellent, well-made, and fun to use. Every lawn owner should get one of these. The depth can be 2, 4, or 6". Well worth the money. I love it.

A great tool for the yard!

I didn't want to sod, hydro seeding was just as expensive as the sod...I can grow grass and have the soil for St. Augustine or Zoysia, so a great tool to have. It really works good on those deep rooted weeds (dandelions). Well made and works as it should!

Excellent tool. Should last for years.

Excellent product. Very satisfied. We used it it transplant Bermuda grass and it really sped up the process. Couldn't be happier. I jumped on it numerous times with both feet in some hard places and no problem.

Fantastic customer service

02-May-2019   Frank Nagle
I ordered this on their website on a Sunday evening and it was delivered to New Jersey on Wednesday. We will be using it shortly and will update this as we go along. So far very happy. the plugger is the most solid one I have used yet. Thank you

Hi Frank, Thank you for your kind review. We wish you the best in your planting projects! Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Bill and Jeannie Carney

Very Effective and Useful Gardening Tool.

I am very pleased with the ProPlugger 5-IN-1 Lawn Tool. As soon as as I took it out of the box and held it in my hands, I knew that it was a winner. It is excellent on many levels. It is well designed, quality made, easy to use, and fun to use. I can choose between 2", 4" and 6" plugs! This is a world-class tool.

Great for making holes, not so much for making plugs

I ordered the ProPlugger to propagate centipede sod. When I received the tool, I was impressed with the solid construction -- medium-gauge steel with handle and foot rests welded to the tube. I should also note that the ProPlugger comes with two steel rings (like large washers with a huge hole in the middle) to slip over the tube's tapered end to act as a stop -- a larger opening for a deeper hole and a smaller opening for a shallower hole.
The tool worked great for making holes. Depending on the soil, a single push will sink the tube about 4 inches into the ground. The tube is tapered at the bottom, so the soil remains in the tube. Also because of the taper, the resulting cylinders of soil are slightly smaller in diameter than the tube, making it easy for them to slide out when you invert the tube.
When I got the sod yesterday, I was ready to start making little round plugs to fit into the 1 1/2 inch diameter holes. It simply didn't work. The resulting "plugs" just fell apart. I think the ProPlugger is too small to make plugs in commercial sod. It would probably work better for making plugs from an established lawn.

ProPlugger Response: Hi, we’re sorry to hear that the centipede sod fell apart as you were cutting it. Centipede can have a looser growing habit than zoysia and bermuda, which can cause it to fall apart when cutting sod pieces. One method we have found that seems to work better than cutting sod into small plugs is to take the large pieces of sod that you purchase from the sod farm, lay them down on prepared ground, water them in for several weeks until the roots take hold, then cut your plugs from the rooted-in sod. These sod plugs fit perfectly into the 2” diameter donor holes made with the tool. We always recommend watering well for two – three weeks in both the donor and the transplant areas after plugging. Bill Carney, ProPlugger

Satisfied But Not Thrilled

The ProPlugger works as designed and is incredibly sturdy. My challenge with the tool has been finding the right moisture level for the soil during a transplant. If you are dealing with some clay content and the soil is soggy, the tool will clog, to the point of compaction, when the clay plugs adhere to the sides of the tubing. Slightly damp soil works perfectly as each new plug pushes the previous plugs to the top and out. If you are plugging away and the plugs are not being pushed up, stop and clear the tube. Recommend you keep a hose at the ready to wash down the inside of the tubing when working with soggy high clay content soil, as often as possible. I purchased the plugger for the sole purpose of transplanting grass to a bare spot where a tree was removed...wanted to ensure the same grass variety throughout my lawn. The tool works well under ideal conditions...but be mindful of wet sticks to everything.

Great design. Great quality.

I have never once given 5 stars on a review. Brilliantly simple. Works exactly as advertised. Great design... no special mechanisms needed to extract plugs. Rock solid materials and build quality.

Plan B Better be on your Drawing Board

My reluctance to voice a higher rating stems from what I characterize as not enough information. We had a lawn with 50% dead zoysia, St Augustine and weeds. The device did well in putting down a hole, no problem there. The real issue is if you are putting in plugs-the idea behind the tool-you are going to run into a problem with the plugs, and more to the point, their roots forcing their way through the already established tangles of roots. In a word, they can’t. The solution, unfortunately, is to dig deeper and wider, remove the “clods” of roots, pack in wetted peat moss then place the plug, probably five to ten time the size of the hole that this device provides. That at least gives the plugs a fighting chance to get established. Granted, if you have virgin soil, this device will work, but if you are confronted with the situation we faced (50% viable grass) you had better think of the alternative suggested above.

Perfect for sod plugs

Worked great for me to take Bermuda sod plugs from my back yard to use on bare patches in my front yard. Very easy to dislodge the plugs by turning the tool upside down and catching it in your hand. I used the tool to make a perfect hole in the bare patch for the sod plug.

it works

Could not find local at all . best price I could find. It should do the job.

What a nice product

I only used this briefly as we are still pre-season for planting, but the few bulbs I test planted made me think I'd wished I'd owned this years prior. Can't wait to plant my hundreds of canna lilies and gladiolus this year.

Essential Garden Tool!!

An all around great product. Makes digging the holes go so much faster. And you can do multiples to make a bigger hole. Plugs also pop out easily. I’m going to use it for the rest of my planting this year & also to dig out weeds. Highly recommend!

Worked surprisingly well.

Bought this to try to transplant some healthy Bermuda plugs from my side yard to some bare patches in my front yard. This tool worked very well for that purpose. Soil wasn't particularly damp, but the plugger dropped right in and pulled out plugs with ease. Worked surprisingly well.

Good product

I wish it could perform better on rocky soil but I am satisfied with the product overall

this tool is heavy duty and very well made.

This tool is heavy duty and very well made. the ease of use depend on the soil condition not the tool. if you can wait until the soil is just right(not to wet or to dry) it works great. thank you

Works like a dream.

Works like a dream. The only downside was that I got so much work done I was sore by the end of the day. Highly recommend this if you are planting plugs !!!